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Zipangu is a World Tour continent located in MapleStory. It can be accessed by heading to any town and speaking to an NPC named Spinel who charges a total fee of 3k mesos to go to/come back from Zipangu. In some versions of MapleStory the NPC Spinel no longer exists so if you can't find her you use the Portal of Dimensions instead. Zipangu is largely. You can talk to Palankeen to go to Kaede Castle from here.

Zipangu is comprised of many towns including Mushroom Shrine, Showa, Kaede Castle, and Neo Tokyo.


Mushroom Shrine

Mushroom Shrine

Zipangu consists of two main towns. Mushroom Shrine, which is a city modeled after ancient Japanese culture, and Showa Town, which has a Yakuza theme to it. The monsters surrounding Mushroom Shrine are generally weak, with monsters like Orange Mushrooms and are meant for lower leveled characters. Mushroom Shrine is where you first arrive to Zipangu.



The monsters surrounding Showa Town, however, are generally much stronger and meant for higher level characters. This makes Zipangu, as a whole, a good training area for both lower leveled and higher leveled players.

There are many areas to visit in Showa town. There is a sauna that recovers your HP and MP faster. In it also lies a hidden training map, filled with Red Slimes and Firebomb. There is also a parlour that you can enter once a day, which contains the infamous boss Anego.



Apart from the areas surrounding the two towns, there is also a Cemetery accessed by a hidden portal at Crow Forest and Crow Forest 2. This cemetery is filled with monsters like Nightghosts, Coolie Zombies, Dark Cloud Foxes, Zombie Mushrooms, Bains and Dark Stone Golems. This makes it a generally good place for clerics/priests to train, as most monsters here can be healed for damage and are weak to holy attacks.


Zipangu has extremely powerful enemies, such as the Big Boss (Grandpa) and Mushdad, a level 90 big mushroom, much like Mushmom. Anego is also another boss found in Showa. There is the Male Boss as well. Both Anego and the Male Boss are feared by most maplers, because they deal insane damage. For example, the touch damage of the Male Boss can go higher than 4,000, while Anego has a slapping skill that does as much as 18,000 damage! Black Crow appears near here too.

World Maps



  • Zipangu was released in MSEA at 11/15/06
  • Zipangu is the English name version of the Japanese Jipang. Jipang was derived from the Chinese word japan "日本"(pronounced as zhe pen) plus some English sounds.
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