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  • Weapon Defense (sometimes abbreviated to W.DEF) is the stat which calculates how much damage you receive from a standard physical attack.
  • The higher the Weapon Defense, the lesser damage you will receive.
    • It is rumored that every 3 Weapon Defense reduces 1 damage.
  • Weapon Defense is NOT a stat, meaning that you cannot increase it through adding Ability Points.

Where Weapon Defense is required

  • All classes find Weapon Defense to be useful.
    • Warriors in general have the most Weapon Defense of all classes.
    • In contrast, Magicians have the least Weapon Defense.

Gaining Weapon Defense

  • For the most part, Weapon Defense is boosted when you equip armor. Generally, all armor give Weapon Defense, with the exception of earrings and capes.
    • Warrior equipment boost more Weapon Defense compared to others, and Magician armor give the least Weapon Defense, accounting for why Warriors take less physical damage and Magicians take lots of physical damage.
  • Scrolling your equipment:
    • There are DEF scrolls for the following. 100% boost 1 W.DEF, 60/70% boost 2 W.DEF and 10/30% boost 5 W.DEF.
      • Topwear
      • Bottomwear
      • Overall
      • Helmet
      • Shield
      • Cape (Exception is the 60/70% scroll, which gives 3 W.DEF instead of 2)
    • Some weapons' 10/30% scrolls add +1 W.DEF to the equipment should the scroll pass.
  • List of useable items/skills that grant a temporary boost to Weapon Defense:
Name Image W.DEF boost; Duration
Drake's Meat - W.DEF +10 for 3 mins
Pain Reliever - W.DEF + 30 for 30 mins
Magic Armor Magic Armor.gif W.DEF +40 for 300 seconds (when maxed)
Iron Body Iron Body.gif W.DEF +40 for 300 seconds (when maxed)
Iron Will Iron Wall Icon.gif W.DEF +20 for 300 seconds (when maxed)
Bless Bless.gif W.DEF +20 for 200 seconds (when maxed)