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Weapon Attack (WA for short) depicts how much damage the weapon will do. The higher the value, the more damage it does. This does not apply for Magicians because their attacks are magic-based. See Magic Attack.

Increasing Weapon Attack

  • All 100% non-mage weapon scrolls add 1 WA, 60%/70% scrolls add 2 WA and 10%/30% scrolls add 5 WA. Of course, the scroll must pass to add WA to your weapon!
  • Generally, higher level equipment have higher WA values.
  • Buffs (none of them stack with each other!)
Buff Name Class Image WA boost and Duration
Warrior Pill Any Warriorpill.gif Gives +5 W. Att for 10 minutes
Warrior Potion Any Warriorpotion.PNG Gives +5 W. Att for 3 minutes
Warrior Elixir Any Warrior Elixir.gif Gives +12 W. Att for 8 minutes
Rage Fighter Buff Rage.gif +20 for 155 secs (if maxed)
Dragon Blood Dragon Knight Self-Buff Dragon Blood.gif +12 for 160 secs (if maxed)

Important Note about Damage Calculation

  • If you have a one-handed sword which has an attack of 70 and a two handed sword that has an attack of 60, chance are the two-handed sword will still do more damage due to the way weapon damage is calculated.
  • Therefore, although the weapon attack of claws may seem low, assassins can do big damage with Lucky Seven due to the formula of calculating damage.
  • WA adds more damage then STR, LUK, or DEX.
  • The dmg formula for max dmg is: Weapon Multiplier * ((4 * Primary Stat) + Secondary Stat) * (Weapon Attack / 100)

Weapon Multiplier = 1.1 for 1-handed sword, axe, BW

1.15 for Bow

1.27 for 2-handed axe, BW

1.29 for 2-handed sword

1.3 for dagger

1.35 for crossbow

1.49 for spear and polearm

1.6 for gun

1.7 for knuckler

2 for claw

Primary stat is:

STR for warriors and brawlers

DEX for bowmen and gunslingers

INT for mages

LUK for thieves

Secondary Stat is:

STR for gunslingers and bowmen

STR+DEX for thieves

DEX for warriors and brawlers

LUK for mages