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Pre Big Bang


Victoria Island is the main continent of Maplestory. It is also the largest, and holds a vast number of unique monsters. While having many weak monsters (such as red, blue & green snails), it also has many stronger ones in the dungeon, including the mighty Jr. Balrog.

About Victoria Island

Victoria Island is the largest and most important continent in MapleStory. There are three other continents, including Maple Island, Masteria and Ossyria. It is also home to a island called Florina Beach, accessiable via Lith Harbour, Orbis and Ludibrium.


There are six towns in Victoria Island, four of which are suited for a specific class.

List of towns


Florina Beach is the town where you can find Lupins, Torties and Lorangs.


Nautilus Port is the Pirate town where beginners can become pirates and pirates can take their second job advancement. Little amount of information is gathered about it.

Lith Harbour.jpg

Lith Harbor is the town the Beginners will arrive in when taking the airship from Southperry. The shops in this town carry lots of beginner's equipment. There is a ship here which will take you to Florina Beach.


Perion is the Warrior town where beginners can become warriors and warriors can take their second job advancement. It is second to the dungeon as the place with the most powerful monsters.


Ellinia is the Magician town where beginners can become magicians and magicians can achieve their second job advancement. Ellinia is the only town on Victoria Island besides Lith Harbor that doesn't contain a passage to the dungeon; it does, however, have its own tree dungeons widely used by all classes. You can take the skyboat to Ossyria from here.


Kerning City is the Thief town where beginners can become thieves and thieves can progress to their second job advancement. Kerning City is the home of the Kerning City Party Quests and contains the entrance to a very challenging route to the dungeon.


Henesys is the Bowman town. It's the easiest town to reach by walking from Lith Harbor, and has several hunting grounds for low level players to train. It's arguably the biggest town on Victoria: it has a hair salon, tan salon, weapons, armour and jewellry store, potion/miscellaneous store, game area, large free market, a park, a hidden street leading to the Mushmom, and a petpark.


Sleepywood is inside the Dungeon of Victoria and is by far the hardest town to reach on the island. Sleepywood contains no job advancements, but it has a few NPCs, a healing sauna with a shop, and a mysterious statue. There is a shoemaker by the name of Chrishrama who crafts boots and shoes for all jobs. Sleepywood contains the entrance to a long and dangerous path into the heart of Victoria's dungeon that's full of relatively high level monsters.

Post Big Bang


The layout of Victoria Island was almost completely altered by the Big Bang, and most of the monsters had their levels changed. It is still home to the five Explorer classes (or six, if you include Dual Blades), as well as Evan.


There are six main towns on Victoria Island, four of which are home to job instructors. All can be accessed through the Six Path Crossway. There are also several smaller areas that contain a few NPCs and shops but are not proper towns.

Lith Harbor

Lith Harbor is one of the first places newly created Explorers visit. Its shops sell items for beginners, and the monsters in the area are all very weak.


Perion is home to the Warrior class.


Henesys is home to the Bowman class, and Evan characters begin near here. Even after the Big Bang, it is the largest town on the island and a popular meeting place for Maplers.

Kerning City

The Thief class is based in Kerning City. The train here can take you to Masteria, and the NPC Irene can take you to CBD.


Explorers wishing to become Magicians must go to Ellinia.

Nautilus Harbor

Nautilus Harbor is home to the Pirate class. It is connected to Florina Beach and contains a few good training areas for low-level characters.


Like Lith Harbor, Sleepywood is not associated with any one class. However, the towns are opposite in almost every other way -- where Lith Harbor is designed for beginners, Sleepywood is home to the strongest monsters on Victoria Island.

Post Legends

Another town was added in the Legends patch for the new Hero class, Mercedes. Victoria Island PostLegends.png

New Town


Eurel is the starting place for Mercedes, and also where she was frozen in ice. Like Rien, this place consists of weak monsters for the awaken Mercedes to train on.