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People hates me huh? --Truelilaznkid 23:20, 8 July 2007 (CDT)

Hello! Not trying to argue, but I saw your comment regarding the Sarah's Mirror quest. What version of MapleStory do you play, because I haven't found this quest in Maple Global. Is this a version-specific quest? Or how do I miss this quest? I've started 2 characters now, and there's only 1 NPC in the opening map (Sera), but she doesn't offer a quest. She also doesn't have a lightbulb blinking over her head. In fact, the opening map is a map of the outside of a tree (you're on a platform at the top), and the only other NPC is Peter at the bottom. Even one map after this one, you have the "video-room" map, with only Sera (still not offering a quest). Please respond and let me know where this quest is found. Thank you! User:Crispybishop

Sera's Mirror Quest

Check the following screenshot images and explain to me where Sera's Mirror fits in...

First Screenshot: [1] This is the opening screen. I have not even moved my character yet.

Second Screenshot: [2] This is the first dialog box with Sera.

Third Screenshot: [3] Second dialog box with Sera.

Fourth Screenshot: [4] First NPC upon entering Training Grounds (Sera again)

Fifth Screenshot: [5] Talking to Sera 1

Sixth Screenshot: [6] Talking to Sera 2

Seventh Screenshot: [7] End of Map Number 2

Eighth Screenshot: [8] Beginning of Next Map (Map #3) & First Official Quest (Nina)

Ninth Screenshot: [9] End of Map #3 & Heena

Tenth Screenshot: [10] After talking to Heena, you are sent to the next map. Note that the NPC up at the top is Sera from the VERY beginning

  • If you decide to skip the training camp, you are taken straight to the training grounds with the following map...

New Map 1: [11] Opening Screenshot of first map outside of the Training Camp

New Map 2: [12] The first official quest, if you skip the Training Camp.

There is no quest for Sera's Mirror in MapleGlobal v.0.40. Unless you're talking about another version of MapleStory, this quest needs to be removed from the wiki. Either that, or archived as an *old*, inactive quest. I'm not saying it never existed, for for a noob coming to view the wiki, this can be very confusing. This is why I want to contrib to the wiki as much as possible.

Thanks!--Crispybishop 05:22, 29 July 2007 (CDT)

So can't we at least designate between what's on MSea and what's on MGlobal...or from other versions for that matter? This wiki does no good if I want to do all of the quests, but there are some on the wiki list that aren't available to me. Or what if I see a map on the wiki that isn't accessible in my version. I could spend hours trying to find it unless someone specifies that it isn't in my version. I'd be glad to find out and differentiate, I guess. But I can't believe these things haven't been caught by admin. It's such a simple differentiation to specify. Thanks!--Crispybishop 20:31, 30 July 2007 (CDT)