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This user is an admin of MapleWiki. Feel free to leave a message on my talk page if you have any concerns.

We currently have 13,556 deleted articles in MapleWiki. XD. Just Kidding. We currently have 13,556 articles in MapleWiki.

Editing MapleWiki is my desired hobby. :D

My Characters

Name Class Level % World Remarks
hakfkj2 Cleric 67 0.37 Aquila Inactive
xxicespearxx Fighter 57 20.87 Aquila Active
hakfkj4 Striker 52 8 Aquila Active
Xiiaoicepop Fire/Poison Wizard 49 0.10 Eridanus Inactive
xproditprox Assassin 48 2.58 Aquila Active
Juniorice Magician 20 55 Bootes Inactive
infightxx Pirate 16 0.05 Bootes Inactive


  • To get my fighter to level 50 by this month. (O)
  • To get MapleWiki to have at least 6,200+ articles by December. (X)
Edit-3 This User loves editing MapleWiki.

Magician.PNG This user likes Magicians best

My wealth

Cleric: 9,801,205
Magician: 990,503
F/P Wizard: 821,597
Sin: 807,996

Total: 12,421,301

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