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Hello I am Yao12310, I started small, then wrote my Guide, now I'm working on an evan guide.

Name Class Level World Wealth Notes
darkbishop14 Cleric 38 Broa 0 Inactive
HPmenace14 Fighter 33 Broa 0 inactive
Darkoutlaw14 Brawler 30 Mardia 0 Inactive
DarkKilla14 Thief 45 Broa 0 Inactive
Darkash14 Blaze Wizard 26 Mardia 0 Inactive
Maverik14 Aran 37 Galicia 0 Inactive
Darkdawn14 Dawn Warrior 21 Broa 0 Inactive
DarkDracos14 Evan 145 Broa Several Bil EXTREMELY Active
DarkeBIadezx Battle Mage 98 Broa Several Bil (Shared With Evan) EXTREMELY Active
Traphes Thunder Breaker 30 Broa Several Bil (Shared With Evan) Mining Mule
iIsentryx Aran 52 Broa Several Bil (Shared With Evan) Alchemy Mule
Traphes Bishop 177 Scania N/A Hacked & Deleted
Igzarion Shadower 135 Broa N/A Hacked & Deleted
gemanmf4 Cleric 54 Mardia N/A Hacked

Magician.PNG This user likes Magicians best


This user likes the world Broa of GMS best


Back and playing Maplestory~ ^_^ Pro Evan for the win? =D