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Hello there! :D

I'm currently playing MapleSEA, Aquila, and my mage has reached lvl 84 :D

2010, we bringing love to the floor :)

I miss MS, yeah.

Comment from MVPJeffie: Your spelling is horrible!(You spelled Lilin "Lirin" and Ranger "Ringer". I read a LOT of your guides, much better than my aran guide, even though I need to improve that, I'm in the middle of that, so, good day!)
Re: HAHA. I guess. My spelling is pretty decent in my opinion... Of course I could do a lot better. Thanks for the constructive criticism (no offence taken) :P



Name: mistdream

World: Aquila

Guild: -

Class: Ice/Lightning Mage

Level: 87


  • Level 70 by November
  • Level 75 by 2009
  • Create an Aran-class character ASAP (when job comes out in MSEA)
  • Level 80 by 2009 (mistdream)
  • Level 90 by 2012?




Party Quests

  • OPQ Guide - Must See! Detailed and kept simple.


  • Maplestory Dictionary (One of 3 main contributors)
  • Hacked! (How to prevent being hacked)

I take pride in all my contributions/edits, even if I do mess up at times :D