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Please do not change anything on this page. Feel Free to Give Me a Shout Out

About Me in MapleStory

I am a player on MapleStory. Like most of you guys, I play on MapleGlobal. I am currently on Scania and I am proud to be a Scanian. I wish I could be a MapleWiki admin so I can help out more, but it's highly doubtful.

My character is a Ice/Lightning Wizard. Before, it was a Hunter, before it was hacked.

I am not addicted to MapleStory, though I do go on and hang out with my friends and finish off quests that needs to be done.

About Me in Real Life

Yea right.... as if I'm going to tell you...

In Game Names

So far all I use is one character and that is on Scania.

  • Trulilaznkid

Goals In and Out of MapleStory

Well, I would love to help MapleTips, but I'll start off by helping on MapleWiki. Most changes I do is just add pictures, edit some mistakes, add some information so Copyrighting is prevented. Hey... I'm Just helping out. I also check changes made to MapleWiki to make sure Vandalisms don't mess up MapleWiki and cause problems.

Current and Upcoming Updates to MapleWiki

  • Finish all the Staffs (Complete)
  • Finish all the Wands
  • Create my own Ice/Lightning Guide (there's not enough.)

Something I found

I can name all these towns:

Town names may be wrong.

My Contributes to MapleWiki

My Contributes