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My focus is on updating the wiki and standardizing the formatting (as much as that is possible). I'm fairly new to this, so please excuse and fix any stupid mistakes I make. I play in GMS.

It's summer break! I should be able to get back into editing the wiki until school starts again in August.

Character Name Class Level World Status
OwlEpicurus Fire/Poison Mage 71 Yellonde.png My main
Ninoxrufa Wild Hunter 48 Yellonde.png Active
Selenornis Aran 38 Yellonde.png Active
IkalRitas Cleric 63 Windia.png Active (basically 2nd main)

To Do

  • Create location-based categories for monsters (ex.:Mu Lung Garden Monsters) and add all monsters to them.
  • Update monster information.
  • Add information related to the Professions and make associated updates.


As I play, I'll try to keep track of useful bits of information. I may turn it into a guide (eventually), or I may just keep the list here.

  • You don't have to enter every dungeon with a ton of HP potions. As long as the enemies are no more than a level or two ahead of you, the drop rate for potions is greater than the rate of consumption. MP potions tend to be rarer, especially for medium level monsters and higher (40+). Magicians used to be able to max out MP Eater and never have to use MP potions for most dungeons, but the skill's effectivenes was severely reduced in the Chaos Update, which will likely increase the amount magic users have to spend on potions.
  • It's fun to explore, but don't get carried away. Always check the level of the monsters in the area. This is especially true for Eos Tower on the way to Omega Sector and Orbis Tower on the way to Aquarium. Don't rely on the wiki's information, either; as of March 26, 2011, much of it has yet to be updated with information from the Big Bang. Always consult the map first, and if the monsters at the end of the dungeon will be more than four or five levels higher than you, make sure you have a way of getting back to the lower-level areas without passing through the rest of the dungeon (or dying). Otherwise it may be many hours before you find your way out.
  • It never hurts to ask for help. Some people may ignore you or tell you to go away, but others will actually help you.
  • Always be aware of the enemy's behavior. For instance, Krip and Flower Fish don't swim, so a magician or bowman can tread water a short distance from the ledge with the enemies on it and attack without ever getting hit. This allows you to take on enemies several levels higher than you would normally be able to.
  • Take the time to enjoy wandering the world. You don't need a return scroll for every town on Victoria Island since the trip from one to another only takes a couple minutes, though it wouldn't hurt to have a few scrolls for Sleepywood. This also frees up inventory space for other things.
  • I like to collect everything I come across. While this leads to constant inventory management issues, it can also earn you quite a bit of money and make completing quests requiring rare items much faster.
  • If you have 1,600 mesos to spare, you can save time on the trip from Orbis to Victoria Island (or vice versa) by going through Edelstein. The trip from Orbis to Edelstein is three minutes, and the trip from Edelstein to Victoria Island is five minutes, for a total of eight minutes. Compare this to the time it takes to go directly from Orbis to Victoria Island, which is about ten minutes plus however long you have to wait for the ship to arrive (up to fifteen minutes).
  • Enemies drop their primary item at a rate of approximately 50%. You can use this to estimate how many you have killed and, ultimately, the drop rate of other, rarer items. For instance, if you have collected 250 Drake Skulls, you have killed about 500 Drakes since you last sold/dropped the item. If you have also collected 20 Dragon Skins, then the approximate drop rate for this item is 4%. (Note that the actual drop rate for most primary items is closer to 55%, but 50% works for quick mental calculations.)