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Hi! Welcome to MapleWiki, a wiki created by two of our admins, Life and Mapletip. We hope you enjoy editing articles here and being a member of Maplewiki.

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Magician.PNG This user likes Magicians best
their / there / they're This user knows that there, their, and they're are not the same word.
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Original Barnstar.png x1 for the Top Contributor Event of June 2009.

My Stats

  • Current Level: 100
  • Current World: Broa
  • Current Guild: DoomBringers
  • Guild Leader: xxBanditxx
  • My Job Class: Priest
  • Currently: Trying to improve my levels in the game.


  • No Hackers Allowed (if you even mention you hack or get caught seen doing it, you will be expelled).
    • No Swearing
    • No racists remarks or anything rude and disgusting
    • No Scammers


Why is there nothing on my page? I like to be annoynmous. I will tell you I play Maple Story quite a bit. I play very legitimately. After playing 3 years now, i finally got my 3rd job. I play in Broa mostly, with the same name i use on here. My class is Mage(Priest). My contributions include random hints here and there. I want to help people with the correct info, so im careful when posting information. If you want to help me with in game information that i may not be aware of, talk to me in the game and i may post the information on here, with credit towards you with the information provided. I hope my information helps alot of people.Well here is an example of my work:

Current Work

Mixing it up between maple story and real life. GO REAL LIFE!!!

Guides made by me

MY Monster Card Collection

  • Markus102 Red Card Collection.PNG Unable to complete my whole collection, but im still collecting them to get accurate drop lists for GMS.

Finished Works

Corrected info on page and addition of info

  • King Clang--I put the correct location it spawns, as before, it was at the wrong location.
  • Legends of Hometown-Corrected info about not fighting the NPC Goblins and just getting their food items.
  • El Nath - Cleaned up info on here that was just taking up room. Added NPC list and the 2 maps, which show both areas of el nath.
  • Towns - Added Bosses in the Region in all the towns to reflect what bosses are close by to help players.
  • The Forgotten Master - Added the last section of the quest that was missing.
  • Magician Hats -- Cleaned up info on some of the pages, but kept them as much original as author had originally intended.
  • Chrishrama -- added 1st draft refining info to the page, so to help people.
  • Fixing quests mix up between Ariant and Magatia. Although the quests were put in the wrong quest category, the quest information was good.
  • Finshed off the quests for Magatia. Mostly did about 50% of them. Good luck everyone with them!
  • Added some more comprehensive info to monster book and an image. I plan to overhaul this page again in the future, Monster Book and Monster Book Card Collecting.
  • I flushed out the maple items category and added in some missing info on some maple weapons on this site. I also added the drop lists for GMS 4th anniversary. Thank you!
  • Agent Quests...I finished most of these. Search for "Agent Quests" to be lead to their category!
  • Ludibrium and Ludibrium Village - added "not on map" area's with npc's listed on them. Also added missing NPC's for alot of towns added in.

Extra Information

If you like the work i do please let me know in the game. I love getting compliments for my work. It is what motivates me the most. Also, if you wish, you can also Fame me if you wish...Your choice.


  • NOTE- this section is for my own refernce because i want to remember certain pages...


The Rude Corner

Hello. This is the corner of my page where i am gonna post images of people doing illicit things in ms. I only wish to put this here because i am unfamiliar on uploading images on the ms forums. Ill use this to show the image of the illegal activity to a person. If this is not allowed by this website, you are allowed to delete at your own leisure. Note that some of the images contain explicit and bad language. If you wish not to view, please go to the top of the page and change pages now! This information is only here as a record for GMS staff and GM's to catch these people!Thanks!

  • Gus Swearington.PNG This guy is swearing and breaking the TOS! Yet he claims it is not harassment!
  • Hacker 1.PNGthis guy is clearly hacking!
  • Hacker 2.PNG Another hacker!
  • Hacker 3.PNG The vaccuum hack! Caught in the SS!
  • Hacker 4.PNG Day 2 of hunting for a maple shield and im visit by a hacker!

The GM Event Photo Gallery

  • Who's the real one.PNG Gm event "Will the Real GMs Please stand up?" at Ellinia.
  • Who's the real one 2.PNG This appears to be a fake version of the GM.

--Markus102 00:11, 20 August 2008 (UTC)