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December 8, 2021, 21:29:25 UTC

en-3 This user is able to contribute with a advanced level of English.
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My Characters

Name Class Level Fame Server Activity
magician3545 Ice/Lightning Mage 70 ? Scania (GMS) Occasionaly
thief3545 Thief 18 ? Scania (GMS) Storage only
DazzlinFire Flame Wizard 45 ? Scania (GMS) Storage only
xComboAbuse Aran 22 ? Scania (GMS) Occasionally
xFieryBlades Dual Blader ? ? Scania (GMS) Occasionally
evan3545 Evan ? ? Scania (GMS) Occasionally
Dazzlinstars Night Walker 44 ? Scania (GMS) Occasionally
magician3546 Cleric 48 ? Scania (GMS) Never
thief3544 Thief ? ? Scania (GMS) Never

Pages I need to look at

Random stuff

To see my contributions, click here.
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To see a list of user boxes I have created/edited, click here.
To see old messages that I have deleted from my talk page, click here.
And some random stuff here. My sandbox: here


Original Barnstar.png x1 for the Top Contributor Event of August 2009.