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OMG This user is a Grammar Nazi. We edit because we care. ^_^

lol. This user enjoys reading vandalism, only to revert it seconds later.

(Made by me. Credit would be nice...)

About Myself

Gah, I hate talking about myself. It makes me sound so egotistical. And I hate egotistical people. Well, anyway, I'm Kiyobi, hajimemashite? (How do you do?)

I would like to call myself a veteran of MapleStory. I used to be a beta tester for the game.

I used to play in Scania, Bera (just for that iPod event they used to have), and Windia. I quit Maple Story on July 17th, 2007. I still hop on from time to time, but I have no intention of levelling anymore. I just hang out and support the deserving newbies, giving away bags of mesos and sharing advice for rising thieves.

Kiyo's Dictionary

Applesauce: My all time favorite word, and the answer to everything. I also say it when I want to say $#^&.

My Characters


Kiyobi: Dagger Assassin

Level 38

Currently using +7 (100%s) Meba & +1 (10%) Korean Fan

LloydIrving0: Warrior

Level 12

Currently using Wooden Sword

ShadowSnyper: The Crossbower

Level 12

Currently using Crossbow


EdTheShorty: The Short Mage

Level 18


RuminaAsagi: Aspiring Page

Level 15

Using Wooden Samurai Sword

KouriYoyos: Purist Speed Assassin

Level 55

Using +7 Dark Slain AND a +7 Maple Kendayo

I still gots a -2atk Maple Claw!

Throwing 1 Maple Star set, 4 Tobi, 1 Kumbi, 1 Wooden Top, 1 Mokbi, 1 Snowball

ShadowKiyobi: The Return of the Hybrider

Level 10

Using Garnier and Subis

Guides and Such

I tend to go down a path less traveled in MapleStory. Namely, hybrid characters. My namesake is my favorite character in MS. Not because we share the coolest name in MS (XD!) but because he can use daggers and stars just about as well as the other. If you want to try an Assassin's path less traveled, take a look at my guide: Kiyobi's Guide to Dagger Assassins