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I'm back at school, so most of my time is already split between classes and other things. I'm gonna try and get back into image editing, though I haven't played MS itself in forever.

About Me

I play mainly on Yellonde, but am trying to find time to work on other characters in other worlds. I've recently moved past just editing grammar and spelling, and have started creating pages for missing items and quests, mainly from the latest patch (for global ms). I'm planning on going through and editing any item pics and whatnot to remove background from them if they need it. I'm familiar with image editing software, such as GIMP, so if you have something you want me to pull out, go ahead and ask.

Images to Edit

As I said above, I'm familiar with edit images, so here you go. Feel free to add to the list of pics needing an edit or two here: Pics to Edit.

My Characters

Name Class Level World Remarks
NrrdGrrl Ice/Lightning Wizard 44 Yellonde Active
PluPerfect Pirate 20 Yellonde Active
UnicornArche Wind Archer 30 Yellonde Active
BladeUnicorn Dawn Warrior 18 Yellonde Active
UnicornJesus Bowman 20 Demethos Active
UnicornIxion Thunder Breaker 10 Demethos Active
KuroiAhou Magician 19 Bellocan Inactive
KuroiTouzoku Thief 22 Kradia Inactive
AoiRaikou Warrior 23 Kradia Inactive




  • Go back to working on my wizard
  • Build up my pirate
  • Get my Wind Archer to 2nd job
    • Get my Wind Archer to 3rd job
  • Build up my Dawn Warrior
  • Get my Demethos character up to 20 to parent a Thunder Breaker
    • Get my Thunder Breaker to 2nd job


  • Update new quests/items from the latest patch
  • Edit Monster Book Card images / upload missing ones (wouldn't mind any help finding all the cards)
    • Currently looking for missing cards.
    • Currently editing existing A-B cards.
    • Currently editing existing C-D cards.
    • Currently editing existing E-G cards.
    • Currently editing existing H-I cards.
    • Currently editing existing J-L cards.
    • Currently editing existing M-O cards.
  • Update current MapleGlobal monster location changes after that last patch
  • Edit images posted in my Pics to Edit page (ongoing)


Original Barnstar.png for the Top Editor Event of January 2010.