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This user is an admin of MapleWiki. Feel free to leave a message on my talk page if you have any concerns.

About Me

I am a player on Maplestory, like many of you are. I currently play in the MapleGlobal world, mainly on the Bera server. I am dedicated to making this MapleWiki a good site, using much of my spare time to do so.

Warrior.PNG This user likes Warriors best

My first account was my page, which is now level 45. I have recently began using this account again, and use both my page and bandit regularily. I look forward for my bandit being able to use my Korean Fan =)

Like many of you, I am a Maplestory fan. While not addicted, I spend about an hour a day training, doing quests, and enjoying the Maplestory community. If you wish to contact me, only contact smoothtofu, for he is the one I am most active with.

My Page, Smoothtofu
My bandit, xTofusin



  • Tofumagician: Level 43 Cleric (Inactive)
  • TofuPride: Level 33 Crossbowman


  • Smoothtofu: Level 45 Page (Inactive)
  • Tofurogue: Level 15 Thief Inactive
  • xSmoothtofu: Level 11 to-be-spearman Inactive
  • Archertofu: Level 18 Archer Inactive
  • xTofusin: Level 33 Bandit (Inactive)


See my story of Maplestropolis!

Work List

My Work List

Contributions to Maplewiki

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