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What I contribute to the wiki

I tend to mainly focus on editing drops, relying on the monster cards themselves and whatever drops I get. My ultimate goal is to completely update the Full Monster List with all drops.


  • Original Main: beastieredd, lv93 Chief Bandit in Kradia
  • Nova Main: Arch3opsBR, currently lv162 Shadower
  • Nova Mule: Rainb0wBR, currently lv72 Cannoneer
  • Current Main: Airdram0n, currently lv163 Shadower in the first GMS alliance made, Kradia, Mardia, Yellonde, and Chaos
  • Other KMYC Alliance characters:
    • Phantom0n, currently lv10 Phantom
    • Megidram0n, currently lv30 Cannoneer
    • Luc3mon, currently lv43 Luminous
    • Piedm0n, currently lv47 Phantom
    • Kuzuham0n, currently lv50 Kaiser
    • Sakuyam0n, currently lv54 Blaze Wizard
    • Apocalym0n, currently lv65 Demon Slayer
    • Lotosm0n, currently lv81 Battle Mage
    • Piedm0n, currently lv70 Phantom
    • Shurim0n, currently lv34 Night Walker
    • Lillym0n, currently lv40 Angelic Buster



I am a MAJOR fan of collecting things, and ever since I found out Familiars don't expire anymore, I've been on a quest to collect all Familiars! Any Familiars marked with * cannot be found by normal means. So far, these are the ones I have:

  • 100 Familiar Mark = 10/24/12
  • 160 Familiar Mark = 12/25/12
  • 180 Familiar Mark = 01/13/13
  • 283 Familiar Mark = 02/21/13

Total: 298

Familiars I have: