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The Ultimate Explorer is a stronger variation of the original Explorer classes introduced along with the Aftershock update that brought along the Lion King's Castle. Ultimate Explorers are a hybrid mix of Explorers and the Cygnus Knights in which the Explorer possess key abilities that signifies what the Knights are. Resistance and Legends are exempt from making an Ultimate Explorer.

How to be an Ultimate Explorer

To become an Ultimate Explorer, your Cygnus Knight must reach level 120 and become a Captain Knight. After you completed the requirements, return to Ereve and accept a quest from Cygnus. The quest will require you to obtain 5 special peridots to bring back to her in order to be reborn as an Ultimate Explorer.

Your Explorer will start off as level 50 instead of 1 and will have an Empress's Fine set equipment and a weapon based on your job. At Level 70, they will obtain the Empress's Brilliant set, which consists of better versions of the EFS and a level 80 weapon. UA's specifically also are given an ability that can summon the fairy of their class type, with Warriors being able to summon the Dawn Warriors Soul, Mages the Blaze Wizards Blaze, and so on. What type of Explorer you make is not influenced by what your predecessor's job was.

Normal Explorers can also receive Ultimate Explorer abilities, though the process is longer than the former. Explorers over level 70 and are over 2nd job will receive a quest from your instructor to help Cygnus by obtaining special Lunar Dews for her. Once you complete the quest, you will receive another quest from the Cygnus Knight in relation to your class. You will have to obtain 10 special objects for them and in return, gain their skills. Their quest can be repeated each 10 levels to increase the skills SP. The main difference between a normal Explorer with UA abilities and a normal UA is the fact that Explorers will not receive either Empress's set nor the ability to summon their class types fairy, while UA's receive both. The Explorers UA Skill also must be manually increased through a quest, while a UA's UA Skill is simply increased every 10 levels until the final increase at Level 100. Similarly, UA's fairy summon SP is increased every 15 levels until the level cap of 200, when the skill will completely max out.

Ultimate Explorer Skills

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Class
EM.png Empress's Might You can equip items with a higher level than your current level. Passive 1 x All
MSD.png Mihile's Soul Driver Summons Mihile, who uses soul power to strike multiple enemies four times. Active 5 x Warrior
OFG.png Oz's Flame Gear Summons Oz, who creates a wall of fire around her. Monsters inside the wall take continuous damage. Active 5 Fire Magician
EV.png Eckhart's Vampire Eckhart summons a vampire to attack multiple enemies 4 times and absorb some of their HP. You can absorb at most half of your Max HP or the monster's total Max HP. Active 5 x Thief
IWP.png Irena's Wind Piercing Summons Irena, who inflicts significant damage to multiple monsters with a single powerful blow. Active 5 x Bowman
HSW.png Hawkeye's Shark Wave Summons Hawkeye, who generates electric sharks to damage multiple monsters. Active 5 x Pirate
Classes of Maplestory
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