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Imbued with the elemental spirit of Lightning, Thunder Breakers are the Pirate counterparts of the Cygnus Knights, commanded by Neinheart and instructed by the Chief Knight Hawkeye. Thunder Breakers utilize a "Link" system in which you are able to chain your skills to attack faster than normal. This makes Thunder Breakers the most versatile of the Knights and one of the fastest.

Thunder Breakers uses STR as their main stat and rely on Knuckles as their weapon of choice.

First Job
Second Job
Third Job
Fourth Job
Thunder Breaker
Thunder Breaker (II)
Thunder Breaker (III)
Thunder Breaker (IV)
(Hyper Skills)


Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Electrified.png Electrified Permanently increases Accuracy, Max Movement Speed, and Jump. Passive 10 x -
Lightning Punch.png Lightning Punch Increases your Critical Rate and minimum Critical Damage. Passive 20 x -
Flash.png Flash Charges into enemies to deal damage. Charges forward if there are no enemies. Can be linked with all skills excluding Thunder and self-skills. Active 15 x -
Lightning Elemental.png Lightning Elemental Summons a thunder elemental to bolster your powers. Supportive 10 x -

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