The Puppeteer's Invitation

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  • Level 22 and above
  • For Aran only

This quest will be activated by clicking on the light bulb above your character once it reach Level 22.


  1. Click the Light Bulb above your character to talk to Shadow.
  2. Click 'Accept' and it will take you to a map call "Hidden Street: Puppeteer's Cave".


  • This quest allows you to get a skill called "Polearm Booster".
  • You can now access the same map at Cave of Evil Eye III.
  • Another quest, Puppeteer's Warning, is activated.
  • It is recommended to acquire a "Return To ______" scroll, as you will be teleported to Cave of Evil Eye III, which isn't really friendly to Arans lvl 22 when they are trying to leave.