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A Brawler, one of the Pirate extensions.

What are Pirates?

Pirates are the gun-toting, swashbuckling fifth branch of classes characterized by their use of Guns, Knuckles, Hand Cannons, and Soul Shooters. Namely, they refer to the Buccaneer, Corsair, Jett, Mechanic, Cannoneer, Dragon Warrior, and Angelic Burster classes. Currently, Pirates can be considered the branch with the greatest selection of classes due to the presence of Jett and Dragon Warrior, if they are considered distinct from Corsairs, and all Pirates require some proportion of STR and DEX in order to wear equips and maintain their damage output.

Pirates may also be notable by their distinct use of more modernized technology compared to other class branches, as notable of the Mechanic's entire Mechanical armor being a portable battle-ready tank with an integrated turret system, the Cannoneer's portable, reinforced military-grade hand cannons, Buccaneer's reinforced knuckles that can resist excessive wear and tear and generate a piezoelectric charge, and the use of reloadable guns in various maneuvering skills, which would require an in-depth understanding of weighted kinematics. Of course, the player doesn't need such knowledge, however it is a notable consideration.

Pirates are also the only branch of classes that has class members that have polar opposing AP builds -- Buccaneers and Cannoneers completely require STR whereas other Pirates, such as Mechanics, Jett, Dragon Warrior, and Angelic Burster require DEX to function properly.

Explorer Pirates

When it comes to Explorer Pirates, on one hand, there is the Buccaneer class which mainly focuses on brute-force, close-quarters combat whilst the ranged Corsairs which play a role of both agility and doling out heavy rapid-fire damage, and finally, the Cannoneer class that focuses on slow-yet-effective, heavy-duty cannon fire supplemented with a wide range of skills and a little Monkey Magic.

Although these classes all don the Jolly Roger, they are polar opposites when it comes to the battlefield; Would-be Buccaneers, the final advancement for Brawlers, focus heavily on mobbing while having viable HP and Defense in order to get the job done while Corsairs, the final advancement for Gunslingers, attack from a distance to conserve their limited HP and defense while having superior damage on single targets compared to a Buccaneer's love of mobbing. Cannon Masters, the final job of the Cannoneer class, have a very tanky defense, rivaling that of Buccaneers, while also dishing heavy ranged damage. They are somewhat slower, however are quite mobile.

In terms of functionality, Buccaneers make use of a unique Energy System starting at third job that charges when attacking, increasing the charge with each attack or when multiple monsters are attacked at once. The benefit of having Energy Charge in full effect is not only a sizeable boost in firepower, but also access to a wider arsenal of Skills, such as Energy Blast and Buccaneer Blast, the latter of which is the most potent mobbing skill that a Buccaneer can acquire.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are Corsairs that rely on their ability to stay out of the frey while aptly dishing out hard numbers. What they lack in stamina, they make up for in agility and ranged firepower, using summons and stationary turrets to supplement their potent gunmanship and maneuverability.

Cannon Masters are a quirky class, utilizing a blend of mobbing skills that dish out heavy hits with a supplemental set of skills that aid in their ability to keep enemy mobs from swamping them at once. Though they are tanky, a lot of what makes a Cannon Master effective is their ability to supplement their damage with summons while keeping the enemy at bay.

Job Tree

First Job
Second Job
Third Job
Fourth Job
Knights Of Cygnus
Thunder Breaker
First Job
Second Job
Third Job
Fourth Job
Cannon Shooter
Cannon Trooper
Cannon Master

The Pirate Resistance class, the Mechanic

The Mechanic boasts a wide array of unique, supportive skills that improve their mobility atop their clunky suits and their ability to hunt effectively and hold their own against overwhelming odds. The unique side of the Mechanic is that virtually all of their skills require that the user be aboard their mount, compared to a Buccaneer who is even capable of using most of their skills without their weapon equipped. When playing a Mechanic, it's all about their summons; summons that allow the user to teleport to other parts of the map, speed up enemy movement and reduce their defense to sweep maps more effectively, summons that heal the user and their party, and even summons that create a grid of Tesla Coils that electrocute any foes unfortunate enough to stroll into their proximity. Reliant on DEX, their tank is the heart and soul of their class and most of their skills will go towards improving its firepower one job at a time.

The Celestial Cowgirl Jett, and the Dragon Warrior, the Oriental Omega

These classes were initially introduced prior to the Justice Update of their respective regions -- Global MapleStory (GMS) received Jett whilst Chinese MapleStory (CMS) and Southeast Asian MapleStory (MSEA) received Dragon Warrior. The iconic twist is that they serve as a sort of hybridized class, possessing skills from both the Buccaneer and, notably, the Corsair classes. A lot of their arsenal may be considered a rehash of the skills in a single, metaphoric gene pool, adapted and reskinned to fit the theme of the class. While many have complained about this aspect, many consider it a blessing in disguise -- These classes not only have the skills tweaked to their satisfaction, but must also use them in an effective, fluid way that requires knowing how the skills themselves work with each other in order to maximize their effectiveness. In all instances, there is still a comfortable level of uniqueness in the mix that makes them stand out in their own circles.

The Pop Star in Pink, Angelic Burster

Angelic Burster is a Novan Pirate class that has the unique disposition of requiring the user to be in Dress-up Mode in order to gain access to the wide arsenal of incredibly potent skills allotted to her (similar to how a Mech must be mounted to use most skills) which themselves are regulated by an artillery charge system that requires the user to make use of their normal attack and a few other lower-tier attacks in order to stockpile the charge necessary to use the more-effective skills. She was initially a young Novan girl named Tear who, by the grace of luck tinged by misfortune, was imbued with a large amount of energy by Escada, a sagacious dragon through an Energy Cube which served as part of the power grid in the Pantheon.

As she stands, she is the most powerful Pirate, as well as the most powerful class in the game in terms of brute attacking power. This was somewhat reduced in a recent class nerf, however she stands out in her own right as a highly damage-oriented class not for the faint of heart.

Becoming a Pirate

With the exception of the Cannoneer, which has its own linear tutorial, a Pirate Explorer seeking advancement will want to take a dip in the salty, serene seas off the shore of Nautilus Harbor. The Nautilus, for which the harbor is named, is a reinforced, armored fortress of a submersible battleship home of a crew of pirates led by the scarlet-haired scourge of the seven seas, Kyrin. She is the daughter of the former Pirate King Testonen from the era of the Black Mage and the elf Yuris who resides in Ellin Forest and serves as one of the 5 main job instructors for aspiring adventurers.

Anyway, once you arrive in the Nautilus at level 10, you'll want to speak to Kyrin, who will acknowledge your youthful determination and welcome you aboard as a new member of your crew. It's as simple as that!

To become a Mechanic, after starting as a Citizen, you are alerted by the oppressive tyranny in Edelstein by the Black Wings, a cult-like group of underground officers who are obliged with the self-imposed duty of reviving the Black Mage. Once you finish the introductory quests, you must speak with Chucky, who will gladly instruct you in the way of the Mechanic.

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