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Siam, also known as Thailand, is a region based on Thai culture. It consists of two towns, Floating Market, and Golden Temple.

Ms map THAI.gif

An exotic town with traditional Tuktuks and a floating market, you can almost taste the native flavor of the Land of Smiles in every corner. NPCs are located all over the town and even on the roof top! Other than the town, do visit the swamp and deep forests where you will able to see monsters like lizards and giant pythons lurking around the greens!


  • Siam (ThailandMS)
  • Thailand (KoreaMS, JapanMS, ChinaMS, TaiwanMS, MSEA)

Floating Market

Floating Market is a Thai traditional market culture by the rivers of Bangkok with many fresh foods are sold.

Golden Temple

Golden Temple an ancient temple based upon a Buddhist temple made of gold where Buddhism culture of Thailand is known for.