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Infoboxes are templates that alleviate a lot of work by requiring the user to input a limited amount of data.
Infoboxes are used as a primary formatting tool to help create a more uniform structure.
Below is a collection of infoboxes found on MapleWiki.
Shop NPCs - Non-Shop NPCs - Monsters (Drop table)
Shop stock - Items (Use) (Etc) (Set-Up)
Skills - Professions - Quests - Game version

Shop NPC infobox
Owner {{{owner}}}
Stock {{{stock}}}
Continent [[{{{continent1}}}]]

Template to use

Pre-template notes:

  • Unless the page name differs, you will not need to use "shopname" - the template will catch the name from {{PAGENAME}}
  • You can add up to 2 Owners (using owner2).
  • Stock refers to what the NPC sells (potions, etc)
  • "Other" is used to mention other NPCs that may be in the shop (meaning building), but do not function as a shop keeper. Leave blank if it doesn't apply.
  • Only use "area" if the NPC is not in a designated Town.
  • Only use "partof" if the shop shares a building with another shop (usually weapon shops).
  • Image is gathered directly from the "owner" value. If you're having trouble adding the image, please use the following line of code in the template.
| image =

You can also use the following for a second picture.

| image2 = 

If you need more features, please don't hesitate to ask. Please note that some NPCs offer a service, but do not have a stock of any items. For these, please use the NPC infobox instead.

| shopname = 
| owner = 
| other =
| stock = 
| continent1 = 
| area1 = 
| town1 = 
| partof = 
| gender =