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Infoboxes are templates that alleviate a lot of work by requiring the user to input a limited amount of data.
Infoboxes are used as a primary formatting tool to help create a more uniform structure.
Below is a collection of infoboxes found on MapleWiki.
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Profession infobox
Master NPC [[{{{npc}}}]]
Trait affected {{{trait}}}
Town Ardentmill


| name = 
| required =  <!-- List the profession(s) required to do this profession (eg. Smithing needs Mining). -->
| opensup =   <!-- List the available options of another profession (eg. Mining opens up Smithing). -->
| npc =       <!-- Who the Master NPC is. -->
| other =     <!-- Any other NPCs that need to be named. -->
| trait =     <!-- Which traits are affected by this profession. -->
| town1 =     <!-- Where they can be found. Leave this blank if Ardentmill. -->