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Infoboxes are templates that alleviate a lot of work by requiring the user to input a limited amount of data.
Infoboxes are used as a primary formatting tool to help create a more uniform structure.
Below is a collection of infoboxes found on MapleWiki.
Shop NPCs - Non-Shop NPCs - Monsters (Drop table)
Shop stock - Items (Use) (Etc) (Set-Up)
Skills - Professions - Quests - Game version


  • This template is in beta stages of operation. Please keep this in mind when implementing this template.
    • If you notice something missing from the list, please leave a note on the talk page, titled "MISSING:"
    • If you notice a usability issue (requirements not being fulfilled, not allowing enough options), please leave a note on the talk page, titled "REPORT:"
    • If you notice an error with this code, please leave a note on the talk page, titled "ERROR:"

Shops that do not work

  • Please list all shops that do not work in the template below.

Items being added

  • If you have a suggestion (or many of them) for an item to be put into the database, please list it in the latest batch below. Please do not edit previous batches as they are kept for documentation purposes/history.

Items that are missing

  • Please list all items sold by shops that are missing.
  • Food/Potion

Please list multi-class items in the most-fitting category with a note about it being multi-class.

  • Weapons (common)
  • Weapons (warrior)
  • Weapons (thief)
  • Weapons (bowman)
  • Weapons (magician)
  • Weapons (pirate)
  • Armor (common)
  • Armor (warrior)
  • Armor (thief)
  • Armor (bowman)
  • Armor (magician)
  • Armor (pirate)
  • Other


  • This template is not to be used until all bugs regarding the code itself are resolved. All known bugs resolved.
  • Please do not edit this template unless you are familiar with wiki code and can improve its state.

  • The following will be the template (as of Version 1.2) for all shops:

{{NPC Stock infobox

<!-- General note: "Filling in" means using any value. (Ex. Green tomato, 37, lolrofl28...) The value does not matter. -->

<!-- The following three values create the main set-up of the table -->
| general = <!-- Fill this in if it's a General store-style shop (potions and misc). -->
| weapons = <!-- Fill this in if it's a Weapon store-style shop (common and class-specific weapons). -->
| armor =   <!-- Fill this in if it's a Armor store-style shop (common and class-specific armor). -->

<!-- Classes are listed now (only applies to Weapon/Armor stores). -->
| warrior = <!-- Fill in the applicable option. NOTE: ONLY PICK ONE OPTION! Delete any options here that don't apply -->
| thief = 
| bowman = 
| magician =
| pirate = 

<!-- Important groups to use if they apply. Please fill these out first. If none apply, delete this section. -->

        <!-- Misc groups -->
| bronze = <!-- This triggers Bronze arrows for bows and crossbows -->

<!-- Items -->
| (itemname) =      <!-- Enter item name here (items grouped in pre-determined categories [ex. general or bronze] do not need to be named.

| greentomato = asmaksna
The above would show Green Tomato in the applicable shop list.

| (itemname)price = <!-- This is for any items that differ from the usual price - enter the correct price if  Enter any item sold by NPCs (no spaces [ex. redpotionprice]).

| greentomatoprice = 1,000
The above would show Green Tomato as costing 1,000 mesos. NOTE THE COMMA; PLEASE USE WHEN APPLICABLE!


Name Image Cost
Name Image Cost