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"A monster that protects the shrine deep in the Dungeon at the center of Victoria Island. A tremendous warrior with a bull's head and a man's body, it uses its spear, complete with an enormous crescent moon as its tip, to attack with lightning, destroying everything in its path. Since it has a tendency to ram right into an enemy, it is very quick-footed and powerful with the potent lightening attack at its arsenal. Just don't get too close to it."


  • Level: 62
  • HP: 20,000
  • MP: 200
  • Experience: 270
  • Knock Back: 1,000
  • Speed: 30


  • Weapon Attack: 700
  • Magic Attack: 800
  • Accuracy: 120


  • Weapon Defense: 250
  • Magic Defense: 250
  • Avoidability: 30

Elemental Weaknesses

It seems freezing is very effective. Also fire does a lot of damage.

F/P player input: F. Arrow is not particularly effective at all, and they resist poison. Tauromacis are just annoying to fire users, especially in the Grendel's Clone fight.


Common Locations


Common Warrior Magician Bowman Thief Useable Etc. Mesos
Blue Seraph Cape Blue Ice Queen (F)
Blue Ice Queen Skirt (F)
Mithril Planet
The Judgement
Blue Requiem (M)
Dark Requierre (F)
Dark Galaxy
Beige Patriot
Dark Elf Shoes
Green Lineros (F)
Red Hinkel
Green Wing Boots
Dark Scorpio
Dark Scorpio Pants
Brown Scarab
Purple Nightfox
Red Mystique Shoes
Green Larceny
Mana Elixir
Scroll for One-Handed Axe for Attack
Scroll for One-Handed Sword for Attack
Scroll for Pole Arm for Attack
60% Scroll for Spear for ATT
Steely Throwing-Knives
Tobi Throwing-Stars
Tauromacis's Horn
The Magic Rock
Gold Ore
Tauromacis' Spirit Rock
Tauromacis Card
Magic Powder (Green)
Ancient Scroll


This monster is also summoned by third job advancement bosses. Even hitting it will cause it to slam it's cresent spear on the ground, making thunder attacks.