Tangyoon's Cooking Class

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Tangyoon's Cooking Class is a Party Quest for players ranging from levels 60 to 90. Up to 3 participants can proceed in this party quest at a time, minimum being 1.


Upon the start of the party quest, players are sent in to a room with a giant pot in the middle. A random dish will be shown and any player can decide which monster is the correct ingredient. This makes it important to tell your party members beforehand to not click anything if you know the correct ingredients. Upon selection, regardless of whether the ingredient was correct, the monster chosen will spawn on the pot. This will be repeated 5 times.

In either the third or fourth stage, a red flame monster will appear. Someone will be appointed to kill it. Then, there will be an activity on measuring the amount of salt needed to complete the dish. After which, a boss will spawn. Making a mistake in ingredient selection or in salt will cause a trashcan boss to spawn.

If players successfully finish the party quest getting all the ingredients and the salt correct, a boss that is God will appear. Upon killing the boss, players will be transported to the end room.

Note: If you fail, the exp reward is halved and the number of cooking certificates you earn will be 1 instead of 2. The certificates earned can be exchanged for "Tangyoon's Chef Hat" and "Tangyoon's Chef Uniform".

Known Dishes and ingredients for them


  1. Chubby Snail
  2. Red Snail
  3. Orange Mushroom
  4. Grape Juice Bottle
  5. Potted Sprout

Slime Pudding

  1. Slime
  2. Cube Slime
  3. Cherry Bubble Tea
  4. Snowman
  5. Chocolate Syrup

Cold Jellyfish Salad

  1. Jellyfish
  2. Cool Jellyfish
  3. Sr. Bellflower Root
  4. Ice Piece
  5. Potted Morning Glory

Fried Pork

  1. Ribbon Pig
  2. Very Fat Pig
  3. Fire Boar
  4. Nependeath
  5. Octopus

Chopped Noodles with Mushrooms (Mushroom Chow Fun)

  1. Blue Mushroom
  2. Chopped Noodles (Knife Noodle in GMS)
  3. Mushmom
  4. Bellflower Root
  5. Bubble Fish

Tips & Tricks

  1. The monsters will continue to spawn up to around a hundred for 3 minutes, so feel free to slack around during the 3 minutes, 10 monsters approximately every ~10 seconds.

Solo Tactics

Demon Slayer: While standing in the middle of the pot, use Soul Eater to pull as many monsters as possible, the use Carrion Breath to kill. Use Chaos Lock to finish up stragglers.

Mechanic: Rock and Shock the pot, then go around killing them with your mobbing skills.

Kanna: Use Kishin Shoukan on one half of the pot, and stand near the other half and use Spirit Corral to pull the monsters in (that aren't already being hit by Shoukan) and kill them with Tengu Strike.


  1. Pictures of the party quest required.
  2. Solo tactics of other jobs required.
  3. Information is accurate based on MapleSEA Version 130.2