Special Agent Training: Monster Battle

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  • This is a Party Quest, similar to the Mu Lung Training Centre, that is part of the Find Master M event. By speaking with Agent Gaga, you will enter Hidden Street: Exclusive Training Center, a Perion themed map with two cat NPCs (Agent Meow on the left and Agent Kitty on the right) that resemble the cat from the cheese warehouse monster. From there you can choose to solo the PQ (speak with Agent Meow), or organize a party of 3-6 players (level range is the lowest level player in the group + 30; i.e. 32-62).


  • The goal of this PQ is to gather agent points by killing every boss in the game, one by one, starting from the lowest level boss (Mano) to the strongest boss (Pianus). There are no World Tour bosses currently involved in this PQ.

The basics

  • Every time you kill a boss and then exit through the portal on the right you will be rewarded with EXP and a certain amount of agent points based on the position of the boss in the PQs boss order (i.e. Faust gives two points; see below). After every 5 bosses are killed, you will enter a Perion-themed map with Agent Meow and a portal on the right. Taking the portal exits the PQ, and Agent Meow gives the choice to continue to the next set of bosses, or kick everyone out of the PQ.

Agent points and reward(s)

  • You win the Boss Points by killing a boss and then using the portal to the right. After gathering 200 points, you can speak with either Agent Meow or Agent Kitty to ask for equipment. You will receive Agent N's Disposable Receiver for the first four times (800 points), and Agent N's Receiver for the fifth reward (1000 points). Both of these are low level hats, however the disposable ones have a 3-day duration; Agent N's Receiver is permanent and has better stats. Agent N's Disposable Receiver gives +2 to all stats and +5 HP (6 upgrades available) and Agent N's Receiver gives +3 to all stats and +10 HP.

Rushing tips

  • The point of the boss rush is to use your party to effectively farm points. It is not about killing the most powerful boss, because there is no quest reward and the bosses do not drop equipment like they normally would. Using your party, push as far as you can through the boss rush, but when you get to a hard boss that takes over a minute or two, you know you're probably wasting your time. As such, have everyone leave the PQ and re-join immediately for another rush. Some bosses can bottle neck your group (based on accuracy and damage), so if it takes a little bit longer, but you know that your team can take out the next few bosses, it may be more efficient to continue. For example, a group under level 40 may not be able to pass Faust; thus your plan should be to defeat King Slime, use the portal, then speak with Agent Meow to return to the PQ lobby.

Boss order

  • 1 point obtained per boss for party, 2 points for solo
  1. Mano
  2. Stumpy
  3. Dewu
  4. King Slime
  5. Faust

Rest Point

  • 2 points obtained per boss for party, 3 points for solo
  1. King Clang
  2. Alishar
  3. Timer
  4. Mushmom
  5. Dale

Rest Point

  • 3 points obtained per boss for party, 4 points for solo
  1. Jeno
  2. Old Fox
  3. Lord Pirate
  4. Tae Roon
  5. Papa Pixie

Rest Point

  • 4 points obtained per boss for party, 5 points for solo
  1. Master Goblin
  2. Jr. Balrog
  3. Frankenroid
  4. Eliza
  5. Chimera

Rest Point

  • 5 points obtained per boss for party, 6 points for solo
  1. Snowman
  2. Crimson Balrog
  3. Manon
  4. Griffey
  5. Leviathan

Rest Point

  • 6 points obtained per boss for party, 7 points for solo
  1. Papulatus Clock (Clock only)
  2. Pianus (Right Side)