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Species Mammal
Level 1
XP gained 3
HP 15
MP 0
Continents Victoria Island
Areas Right Around Lith Harbor
Inside the Dangerous Forest


Snails are currently the second easiest monsters to kill and the second weakest monster in Maplestory. The weakest monster in the game is either a Training Jr. Sentinel, a Training Leatty, or a Training Drumming Bunny. They are good experience for levels 1 through 5.

Drop Table (GMS)


Allicon.gif All Warrioricon.gif Warrior Bowmanicon.gif Bowman Mageicon.gif Magician Thieficon.gif Thief Pirateicon.gif Pirate
Wooden Buckler.png Wooden Buckler Blue Cloth Pants (F).png Blue Cloth Pants (F)
Green Ghetto Beanie.png Green Ghetto Beanie


Use.png Use ETC.png Etc Ores.png Ores Recipe1.gif Recipes Money.png Mesos
Arrow for Bow.png Arrow for Bow Snail Card.png Snail Card 1 mesos
Green Apple.png Green Apple Snail Shell.png Snail Shell
Red Potion.png Red Potion
Snail Familiar.png Snail Familiar

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