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Species Enchanted
Level 7
XP gained 12
HP 80
MP 10
Continent Victoria Island
Areas Shining Forest Path
Close to the Wind
Close to the Birds


Moving Jumping When Hit Dying
Slimemove.gif Slimejump.gif Slimehit.gif Slimedie.gif

Slimes are monsters made of a gelatinous substance that jump around everywhere. Its cuteness makes the slime a beloved monster amongst adventurers, which is why you'll often come across all sorts of slime paraphernalia, such as hats and earrings, even in real life. Hunting slimes yields small globs of Squishy Liquid. Sometimes, it will also give the "bubble" on its head to the adventurers.

Elemental Weaknesses

  • Strong: Lightning
  • Normal: Ice, Fire, Poison, Holy
  • Weak: -
  • No Effect: Heal

Drops (GMS)


Allicon.gif All Warrioricon.gif Warrior Bowmanicon.gif Bowman Mageicon.gif Magician Thieficon.gif Thief Pirateicon.gif Pirate
Orangesportytshirt.gif Orange Sporty T-Shirt (M) Beige Nitty.gif Beige Nitty Brown Ghetto Beanie.gif Brown Ghetto Beanie Leather Arms.png Leather Arms
Gbtraining.gif Grey/Brown Training Shirt (M) Novice Cannon.png Novice Cannon


Use.png Use ETC.png Etc Ores.png Ores Recipe1.gif Recipes Money.png Mesos
Arrow for Crossbow.png Arrow for Crossbow Slime'sbubble.gif Slime Bubble 11-16 mesos
Green Apple.png Green Apple Slime Card2.png Slime Card
Orange Potion.png Orange Potion Squishyliquid.gif Squishy Liquid
Slime Familiar.png Slime Familiar

MapleSEA Drops

Note that this section may be out-of-date due to the Big Bang.


Warrior Magician Thief Bowman Pirate All
Metalaxe.gif Metal Axe
Ironaxe15.gif Iron Axe (Level 15 Version)
Fork on a Stick.gif Fork on a Stick
Spear.png Spear
Maple Havoc Hammer.gif Maple Havoc Hammer
Beige Nitty.gif Beige Nitty
Lemona.gif Lemona
Metalaxe.gif Metal Axe
Fork on a Stick.gif Fork on a Stick
Blue Pao Bottom M.gif Blue Pao Bottom (Male)
Maple Dark Mate.gif Maple Dark Mate
Maple Skanda.gif Maple Skanda
Metalaxe.gif Metal Axe
Fork on a Stick.gif Fork on a Stick
Steelknuckle.png Steel Knuckle
Leather Purse.gif Leather Purse
Goldsurfboard.gif Gold Surfboard
White Bandana.png White Bandana
Bottom001.gif Blue Jean Shorts (Male)
Bronze Aroa Boots.png Bronze Aroa Boots
Sky Snowboard.gif Sky Snowboard


Use Etc. Quest/Event Ores Mesos
UP1.gif Red Potion
Green Apple.png Green Apple
Squishyliquid.gif Squishy Liquid
Slime'sbubble.gif Slime's Bubble
Omok Piece Slime.png Omok Piece: Slime
Slime Card2.png Slime Card
Black Magician Token.png Black Magician's Token Amethyst Ore.pngAmethyst Ore
Orihalcon Ore.gifOrihalcon Ore
Sapphire ore.gifSapphire Ore


Armor Accessory Weapon
100%.gif 100% Scroll for Bottomwear for Defense
100%.gif 100% Scroll for Cape for Dex
60%.gif 60% Scroll for Cape for Magic Defense
10%.gif 10% Scroll for Bottomwear for Defense
10%.gif10% Scroll for Overall Armor for Defense

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In the past, the appearance of the slimes has changed during holiday events. For the Christmas 2006 and 2008, they also dropped red and green presents.

Halloween 2006 Christmas 2006 & 2008 Christmas 2007
Slimehallo.gif Slimexmas.gif ChristmasSlime.png