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Bluedot.gif - Six Path Crossway
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Sleepywood, a unique and dangerous town, is located in the heart of Victoria Island. Although it has no job advancements for any character, it has areas not available anywhere else on the island, such as the sauna room in the Sleepywood Hotel. The town does not have a weapon shop or an armor shop, but it does have a potion shop inside of the sauna.

Sleepywood can only be accsessed from the Six Path Crossway. As of the Chaos Update, players are again able to go past the town itself even if they are below level 50; however, they may not enter the Cursed Temple, where Jr. Balrog resides. Players in versions that have not yet had the update are still forbidden from going past the town.

NPCs List

The Sauna

The Sleepywood Hotel contains one the game's two saunas, the other being in Showa. It can be accessed through the top center portal marked "Hotel." If you talk to the receptionist, she will offer you two choices: the Regular or VIP Sauna. Supposedly, the Regular Sauna doubles your MP/HP recovery rates while the VIP Sauna triples it, though this has not been verified. A potion shop can be accessed through the NPC in the sauna. The VIP Sauna NPC also offers a level 30 quest, Mr. Wetbottom's Secret Book, which will get you a Sauna Robe.


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The area past the town of Sleepywood is home to the strongest monsters on Victoria Island, going as high as level 85 for the regional boss, the Snack Bar. Most monsters are a bit weaker than that, ranging in level from 50 (Copper Drake) to 66 (Jr. Balrog). This makes Sleepywood a good place for players to train between levels 50 and 70.

The Chaos Update changed the layout of many of the maps in the area. For example, the Sunless Area, which used to have basically the same map as the Ant Tunnel I, is now much smaller.

Bosses found in Region

  • In the deepest area of the dungeon in the Cursed Sanctuary lies the Jr. Balrog.
  • The Snack Bar can be found in the Cave Exit just before the Cursed Temple.

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