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There is no official world map for Singapore yet, but this user-made map shows how the areas are connected.


Reddot.gif - Changi Airport
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Singapore, is a region based on Singaporean culture. It consists of two towns, CBD, and Boat Quay Town. It is accessible by plane at 5,000 mesos from Kerning City Airport (through Irene). The first map you arrive in will be Singapore's Changi Airport. Singapore is not accessible from Spinel.



The CBD (Central Business District) is a Singapore's busiest area and has features some famous Singaporean landmarks such as Esplanade, Merlion, and Statue of Sir Stamford Raffles.


Boat Quay Town

Boat Quay Town; Singapore's streets of restaurants by the Singapore River with many boats.

Mini-Dungeon: Remaining Memories of the Ship

Located in Mysterious Path 3. The mini-dungeon contains same monster as Mysterious Path 3; Selkie Jr. and Slimy. The mini-dungeon is only available in MapleSEA.

Ulu City

Ulu City is the third extension of Singapore. Once a beautiful city, it was destroyed by mysterious monsters. Ulu City is divided into three main sections: the Destroyed Park, the Ruins of Krexel, and the Ulu Estate.

The entrance of Ulu City can be reached by walking from Suburban Area 2, CBD.

Commando Jim is the last standing human in Ulu City. The other 99.99% of the city's population are monsters.

Much of Ulu City is abandoned; many building are covered with lush green plants. Beware! There is no Potion or Weapon/Armor Shop in Ulu City.

The word "Ulu" comes from a Malay word meaning: remote, rural, out of the way or backward, primitive, and undeveloped.

Ulu Estate

The Ulu Estates

Ulu Estate is a suburb. Many monsters with the level of 80 through 90 are found in the estate. Buildings in the estate appear to be apartment complexes that have been overrun by monsters and nature.

Many broken down cars, fallen light poles, and trash heaps are spread through out the city. The deeper you go into Ulu City, the more buildings are damaged by nature and the monsters.

Destroyed Park

The Destroyed Park

Destroyed Park is the heart of the city, which lay in ruins that are rapidly decaying. The Park is now home to colossal tree-like monsters: Duku. They lurk through the park with great malice.

Ruins of Krexel

The Ruins of Krexel

The Ruins of Krexel are a part of a most dangerous area in Ulu City. Most buildings are filled with traps. The buildings are overrun by a huge tree monster called Krexel; it is also the boss of Ulu City. Currently the ruins are avaliable through a quest to fight krexel.

Bosses found in Region

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