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So, you want to do Guild Quest? Getting your Guild up to top 50 on the rank? Well, you've come to the right place. This is what you would need to do.




  • You should have more than 6 people(that means there's at least 2 parties) to finish Guild Quest, just in case someone might D/Ced.
  • Remember, you must bring enough potions and good organization, in order to finish the last stage of the Guild Quest, killing Ergoth.
  • It is recommended to have a Priest (Cleric) with Dispel skill sometimes in the Guild Quest some monster may inflict Status Conditions.
  • It is also recommended to have a Dark Knight with Hyper Body skill because it will decrease the possibility to Death while killing boss.


  • 1) The Guild Master or Jr. Master needs to acquire a queue number from NPC Shuang. The party member who registers for the Guild Quest is the party leader for the quest.
  • 2) When you receive a notice that it's your guild's turn, party members must gather at NPC Shuang and double click on him.
  • 3) The party members will be transported automatically to the next map. 3 minutes will be given for any last-minute organization of the party.

Sharenian Entry Stage

  • 1) Once the 3 minutes is up, enter the portal and start hitting the purple crystal on the rocks until you obtain a Protector Rock for each of your party member.
  • 2) It is compulsory to equip the Protector Rock before entering the next stage, or else the party member who doesn't equip it will die instantly after entering the 1st Stage of the Guild Quest

Sharenian Stage 1

This stage is difficult. I advise everyone that isn't going to be hitting anything to unequip their weapons so they don't get tempted to hit things.

There should be 1 person on each side of this map. The person on the left should be able to see 11 statues [the statue at the top left of the entrance and everything left of that] and the person at the right should see 9 statues [the statue in the middle above the entrance and everything right of that].
Now the person that registered the guild should click on the Lion Statue and say you're ready to start or simply shout Go!.

The Statues will now flash 4 times each randomly. When the watchers see a statue light up, they should shout a number. For example, the leader clicks and you see the first statue, then you would say 1. If not, you'd hear the other person say 1. Then you'd see the next statue and say 2 otherwise the other person says 2. That goes on until you reach 4. Then you hit the statues all in order. After the person says the last number [in this case, 4] the person who said 1 will hit the statue they saw when they said 1. If they saw 2, they would hit two as well. Otherwise, they should say h2 or hit 2. Once all 4 statues have been hit, the person who hit 4 should say click.

The Statues will flash 5 times and then 6 times.
Prize = 15 Guild Point

Note: This is the way that my guild does it. No one but the two watchers should talk. We have the guild leader(most experienced in gpq of all of us) and me be the watchers. We shout out which statues by using b,m,and t(bottom, middle, or top for the row) and numbers for which statue it is, 1-3 on the right, 1-4 on the left starting with 1 on the left side. The statue above the gate is called c(center). Then once it is said, our guild leader hits them all since he has flash jump and can jump the best of all of us(it is recommended to have a fjer by me to do this method faster or someone with tele).

Sharenian Stage 2

There are a lot of doors to different maps.

There is a map with 3 jump quests. You will go up and complete these jump quests by climbing and hitting the golden swords at the top. You might not be able to pick it up because its so big, so you have to jump and press Z or 0 whatever you use. NOTE: You can only have 1 at a time in your inventory. From there go out to the main map of Stage 2 and go all the way up and to the right there should be a door go in. In here there should be 4 towers. Take the spears you got from the 3 jump quests and go all the way up these towers. Once you get up, drop your spear on the stand until it turns green with yellow wings. Also, the tower all the way to the right requires the mage with teleport.

Now to get the next spear is a little more difficult. Go in the room in the middle of the main stage 2 map and there will be muscle stones. Kill them until 1 drops keys [It will have a circle on it's belt instead of a square. Or is the other way around o_O]. Once you get the key go back and go to the left top door that wouldn't open. Drop the keys on the door and the door will open. At the top there will be muscle stones that do 9k damage so don't touch them. Now a mage with 15+ teleport or a hermit with flash jump will go to the bottom left of the map, break the box, grab the key, and give it to someone with dark sight. Now that person should use dark sight and go to through the muscle stones and drop the keys on the door. Once the door opens, they should go in and get the spear. Now take the spear to the last tower.

Prize = 25 Guild Point

Sharenian Stage 3

Now in this stage, kill the ghosts and they'll drop 4 medals and 4 scrolls. ONLY A PERSON WHO KNOWS HOW TO DO THIS STAGE SHOULD PICK THESE UP DUE TO THE FACT THAT ONCE IT IS PICKED UP BY A PERSON, NO ONE ELSE CAN PICK IT UP. Go to the top left and acquire the Necki's drinks. Now go to the top right door and open the dishes until you get 4 dishes of food. Now here you have to drop different offerings on the 4 statues. I suggest you start like this:


From there you should know what the combination is.

  • Current combination example is tested by SacredHeart Guild in MapleSEA*
  • The leader will know when ones right wrong or unknown. Also you only get 7 chances. After the 7th chance the combination restarts and 4 monsters will be summoned.

Prize = 25 Guild Point

Sharenian Stage 4

There are 4 parts to this stage.

You need shoes, pants, a shirt, and a hat for the ghost.


The door to this is the one shaped like a triangle. This hole will need at some attackers to kill the puppet golems inside. A cleric is recommended due to the fact that the puppet golems have a large touch damage. With a total of nine golems, they will drop nine signs of evil. One person (doesn't matter who) will need to collect all nine signs of evil. They will then drop them in front of the door on the right side. It should open, revealing a jump quest. Make your way to the right side and break open the box to collect the pants.

This door is all the way to the right at the circle on in the middle. There will be a goblin at the top that requires a ranged attacker to kill it. You also need to kill the flying goblins and they'll drop marks of evil. Then drop all of them on door then go in. The shirt is at the top.

The level 10-30 needs to go in the door with a brown symbol on the top. He/she needs to kill 20 purple slimes, get 20 Marks of Evil, go to the top, and put the 20 Marks of Evil on the door. The door will open and you will have to do the jump quest. At the end you will receive the Hat. Then go to the door to the right and you should receive 5 guild points and wait for everyone else.

Once you get all the stuff go to the pile of bones and drop the Shoes>>Pants>>Shirt>>Hat The ghost should come up and and the leader should will to it.

Sharenian Boss Stage

Once you're done with Stage 5, you will go to a hallway with doors at the end. The sacrifice (Preferably the Level 30-) should go up and drop the earrings on the door and he/she will die and the door will open.

Boss: Ergoth

People usually kill Ergoth with Meso Explosion. They put 300-800k of mesos depending on what level their Meso Explosion is. [Parties' mesos will also be blown up, so feel free to help them drop some] Once everyone is ready with their buffs, hit the diamond a few times. The boss will come out and the Meso Explosion will be used to kill the boss. The boss may summon a few powerful monsters and there is a teleport for those who are unable to help.

Sharenian Bonus Stage

You are given 45 seconds to break boxes, and collect the rewards. Is it possible to get these rewards (Note: Incomplete)...

Mastery Books

Summoning Sacks

Adventurer Capes