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There are different types of Scrolls in MapleStory, and not all scrolls are available to all versions of the game. The two most common types of scrolls are used for upgrading equipment and transportation. While transportation scrolls are quite few in number, they are often easy to obtain and will always succeed. Upgrading scrolls on the other hand are only sold in a few places or dropped from monsters, and the prices of these scrolls are often very high.

Upgrading scrolls are sometimes referred to as the lifeblood of MapleStory characters. Without them, the damage and stat potential of characters will be very low. Upgrading scrolls are the reason statless classes exist.

There are two types of scrolls. Within each type is multiple other extra types to go along with them, like the Percents of success or other things. They are split generally into two types:


Return Scrolls

These scrolls are used to teleport quickly back to a town. They may not be used to teleport between continents. There are several different return scrolls. They are as follows:


There are also a few items that can be used for teleportation but are not actually scrolls. They are Warp Capsules, Coupons, and Rock Scrolls. The different versions are as follows:

Upgrading Scrolls

These scrolls are used to upgrade your equipment with improved stats. They vary in what item they can be used on, what stats they will affect, and how big the chances are to succeed. The higher the chances to succeed, the lower the benefit of using the scroll. Although the 10% scrolls have a very low chance of actually improving your items, the benefits you get from a successful scroll makes these scrolls often very expensive to obtain.

Normal Scrolls

When a normal scroll is used, it will simply disappear from the player's inventory, regardless of whether it succeeded or failed.

100% Scrolls

100%.gif These are the least valuable of all scrolls. They are worth very little and have low effect on the equipment they are used on. Of course, since they never fail, they are good for a slight boost on lower level weapons. They are almost never worth above 70k, since scroll vendor NPCs sell most of them, averaging 50k. However if they are not sold by NPCs and they aren't Defense scrolls, they could be worth a lot more. An example is the 100% Scroll for Cape for Dex.

60% Scrolls

60%.gif These scrolls tend to be the most commonly used and effective scrolls for weapons, armor and equipment. They tend to be highly valuable since they work more than half the time, and generally fetch about 1 - 4mil each depending on the type of scroll.

10% Scrolls

10%.gif These scrolls are often valued at less than their 60% counterparts, as they rarely work but provide extremely high bonuses. For example, if one were to upgrade a Work Glove with 60% scrolls and they all worked, the result would be a 10 attack Work Glove worth about 20 mil or so, depending on the server. However, if one were to do the same with 10% scrolls and they all worked, the result would be a 15 attack Work Glove, which would be valued at a few hundred mil.

Dark Scrolls

Dark Scrolls were created when a scroll was infused with dark power while being made to make it work more often. However, if the scroll fails when used, there is a 50% chance that it will destroy the item it was used on.

70% Scrolls

70%.gif These are the dark counterparts to 60% scrolls. They tend to be worth the same or slightly less than the 60% ones, since the extra 10% doesn't usually make a big difference.

30% Scrolls

30%.gif The most valuable dark scrolls to date. They provide the bonuses of 10% scrolls with an extra 20% chance of success. They are worth roughly 2 - 6mil depending on the type.

Other Scrolls

White Scrolls

Whitescroll.png White Scrolls are the most valuable of scrolls, they are used to stop the loss of slots when used on an item. They are worth about 300 mil each and are your best friend when using 10% scrolls. White Scroll are obtained from New Leaf City's Gachapon in Maple Global. As of November 29th, 2012, White Scrolls have been REMOVED from GMS.

Clean Slate Scrolls

Scrolls that differ from 1 to 20% success rate, giving an extra slot to the scrolled item. May only be used if there is at least one slot left. The 1% Clean Slate scrolls are worth a maximum of 1 mil, as they rarely work, but higher percentages are worth more. There are two different kinds, ones that have a chance of destroying the item and ones that don't. The chance of destruction depends on the percentage of the Clean Slate Scroll.

Chaos Scrolls

Chaos Scroll 60%.png Chaos Scroll 60%s have a 60% chance of changing a random stat on any equipment from -5 to +5. Upon failure it acts like a dark scroll, and has a 50% chance of destroying the equipment. Variants of it also exist, such as the Miraculous Chaos Scroll, the Chaos Scroll of Goodness, and the Incredible Chaos Scroll of Goodness. The Miraculous Chaos Scroll has a chance of either increasing or decreasing more than the regular Chaos Scroll 60% can, while the two Goodness ones will always improve the item.

50% Scrolls

Scroll.png 50% Scrolls are mysterious scrolls that work 50% of the time. It is not really known why they exist but they add +3 to stats versus the 60%'s +2, so they can be useful.

5% Scrolls

These are new Scrolls apparently in development. The sprite for it has been spotted in the newest updates within the patcher as of July, 2008. They are rumored to add +7 to stats and always destroy the item on failure.

GM Scrolls

These are strange new scrolls, only obtained from events and coming in 15, 45, and 65% varieties. They seemingly glow with a white Maple Leaf.

Equip Enhancement Scrolls

These special scrolls can only be used on an equipment once all of its normal slots have already been used, and does not work on items that never had any slots to begin with. The more Equip Enhancement Scrolls you succeed, the less chance you have of passing it. However, if you fail, your item will be destroyed. There can be up to thirteen Enhancements, though the chance of getting it up to the thirteenth is very slim. Variations of it exist that have a chance of making an item have a certain number of enhancements, such as the Two Star Equip Enhancement Scroll

Potential Scrolls

Potential Scrolls can be used on any items with slots to add a Potential to the item. However, if failed, there is a chance of destroying the item. Epic Potential Scrolls exist, which will guarantee the item will be Epic on reveal if the scroll succeeds.

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