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Rien minimap.png
Bluedot.gif - Snow Island: Inside Dangerous Forest
Reddot.gif - Snow Island: Rien Library - Lv 1
Yellowdot.gif - Snow Island: Lirin's Home
Pinkdot.gif - Free Market
Greendot.gif - Snow Island: Snow-covered Field 1


Rien is home to the Aran job class, a group of warriors who are based on the ice element and use Polearms. It is a floating island located to the north of Temple of Time and surprisingly close to Horntail's Cave at Leafre.


Picture Name Description
Lirin.png Lirin The last descendant of the Rien clan.
Maha.png Maha The spirit of the Giant Pole Arm. Aran can only see this NPC when
he is advancing to 2nd job.
Punon.png Punon A weapon and armor merchant.
Puri Puri.png Puri Puri A potion merchant.
Pusla.png Pusla A storage merchant.
Cassandra.png Cassandra An event NPC.
Maple Administrator.png Maple Administrator An administrator.
Duey.png Duey A delivery man.


  • There are two ways of traveling back to Victoria Island.
    • Use any of the town scrolls (except Nearest Town Scroll) to go back to a town in Victoria Island instantly
    • Pay 800 mesos (80 mesos for Legend) to Puro at Penguin Port, who will then bring you to Victoria Island. Follow the arrows in order to reach the correct place. The trip takes about 1 minute.
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