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Refining is the act of turning 10 Mineral Ores, Jewel Ores, or Crystal Ores of a Minerals, Jewels, or Crystals into a finished product used in various ways.


The Refined products can be used in 3 major instances. These instances include the making of equipment, quests, and resell. Most equipment that have to be made or upgraded through the use of an NPC require specific ores. In the earlier levels, minerals and jewels are used but in later levels, the use of crystals comes into play. Refining is also used in many of the Maker Skill quests.

Refining in General

Mineral Ores, Jewel Ores, or Crystal Ores can be refined in many places by ore and jewel refiners. It requires 10 of whichever Ore you wish to refine. Then, you must speak to an NPC that has the job of Refining them into a finished product. Also, Material Refiners specifically make Screws, Processed Woods, Steel Plates, or even arrows, which are also useful in many items and especially creating things for Maker Skill quests. There are also some specialized refiners who make items required for quests, like Arwen making Moon Rocks.

Locations and Type of Refiners

Material Refiners

Jewels and Mineral(ORE) Refiners

Crystal Ore Refiners

Rocks and Specialized Items

Jack of All (Can make all above)