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This is a list of items that you require for some quests. This is so you don't end up selling items you actually require for future quests.

Levels 1-30 Items

Level 31-60 Items


If you try to hold onto all these items, you'll find that you don't have enough space in your inventory. Some of them you'll use up early on, but you also have to take into account other items you'll have. Maybe you want to have Omok or Match Card sets. Or maybe you're out training and pick up items that you don't need for quests, but want to keep so you can sell them to other players or NPCs. Then there are all of the ores you'll need. There aren't many on this list, but you definitely need ores. Some of the later quests need them, and you will also need ores to make equipment. You might be wondering where you can keep all this stuff. Well, there is a Storage NPC in each town who can store items for you. This seems great, but he can only store four types of items. So what many players do is create a Mule character.

A Mule is a character that you make solely for the purpose of holding onto items that your main character isn't currently using. You don't have to bother training the character or buying equipment for it, just make the character and bring it over to Victoria Island. You can also use a character you've abandoned for one reason or another, but make sure it is in the same world (i.e. Broa, Bera) as the character you need to keep items for. A reasonable choice is to bring your mule in either Henesys or Perion for easy access.

After you get the character over, there are two ways of transferring items. The more expensive but secure way is to use the Storage NPC you see in each town (i.e. Mr. Lee). The ones in most towns stand in front of what appears to be a treasure chest, but some others may appear differently. Also, if you put items in the storage, they will be available to the other storages. For an example, if you store items in the one in Perion, you will be able to get the items from Henesys. To use them, just use your main character to give him the items, then log out. Go to the storage with your mule, and take the items out. Then, repeat as necessary until your mule is holding all the items you want it to. The other way is more risky, but is faster and free. First, get your mule into the Henesys or Perion Free Market and go into one of the stalls. Then, go back onto your main character and do the same thing. Be sure to choose a channel that isn't very crowded and make absolutely sure that nobody else is in the Free Market on that channel, and WRITE DOWN THE NUMBER. Get on one of the ledges furthest from the main entrance, and drop the items you want to store. Then quickly log off and get on your mule character ON THE SAME CHANNEL AS BEFORE. Go to where the items were dropped and press the pick-up-item key until you have them all. The Free Market method isn't as good as it used to be, because people go there to sell stuff now. This is mostly just in Channel 1, but just remember to be careful.

If you have a friend or relative who plays Maple Story, then transfer it to him or her and log on with your mule account, and get them back. This method is the free and, if your friend is trustworthy, safest. Just remember to NEVER attempt this with someone you don't know. If someone ever offers to help you transfer stuff, make sure you are absolutely certain you know and trust them.

The cheapest and most secure method only works if you have access to more than one computer. You simply log into one character on one computer and then another character on another computer (This requires a different account, however). Then, have the two characters meet up and exchange the items. This method is more recommended as it is free and fast.

Just a side note, magicians are not given any extra inventory slots on their first job advancement, so it is highly recommended for you to use a warrior, which has the most inventory slots in the first job.

Other Tips

Just because you can do a quest at a certain level doesn't mean you should. Two examples are the level 10 Blackbull quest and the level 15 Maya quest. For the Blackbull quest, you usually get a Steel Shield (and, occasionally a Red Triangular Shield). You're definitely going to have trouble killing the monsters to get the firewood, so don't bother doing it yet. Also, if you are not a warrior, the shield is useless, as the only thing you can do with them is to auto-sell them. For the Maya quest, you get a hat that you can't use until level 25. You'll probably have trouble killing octopi, and don't even consider trying to get the Charm of the Undead yourself. So you can save this quest for later, too. You can buy the items you need, of course, but what's the point? If you can't use the item yet, don't bother to do it yet. It is better to fight the monsters and gain EXP than to waste mesos just so you can get quests done, and then you realize that the prize for the quest is worthless at that level.

This is especially important for a lot of the new Ludibrium quests, which require you to actually kill a certain number of monsters. You really shouldn't bother going to Ludibrium for quests until at least 2nd job, and maybe not even until you can do the PQ there. If you're a funded character, you can go and do some of the quests, but if you don't have much mesos it is a waste.

(note from TVO) - I personally think it is worth going to Ludi at lvl 29 or 30 to do the quest for your lvl 30 shoes.