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Description of Quests

A quest is given to you by an NPC. Typically, quests consist of a given number of objectives to be fulfilled before they are completed. The reward given by the NPC can be an Item, Mesos, or Experience Points (Some quests also give Fame). Most can be completed at the player's leisure, and may also be forfeited.

Types of Quests

There are 3 main types of quests. They are:

Party Quests can be further divided into standard party quests and guild quests. At present, there is only one guild quest and 7 Party Quests (Kerning, Ludibrium, Ludibrium Maze, Monster Carnival, Davy John's Pirate PQ, Leafre/Riprey, and Henesys (for Global)).


Here are some tips for those quests that are just too tough.

  • Get to the max level; i.e. 19, then do all the quests. Or just try at a later date
    • It may help to know what the quest is geared for, for example Actor Training is not meant for a level 40 to do solo.
  • Do the easy quests first.
  • Get help with those certain quests.
  • Never forfeit a quest, you just have to start over again.
  • If the quest requires you to defeat a certain amount of monsters, get help from people by partying, as all the kills count towards your total.

Standard Quests

These are started by speaking to an NPC, who will usually ask the player to gather an item, or kill a certain number of a certain monster. Once they are started, there is no time limit, and can be forfeited. There may also be several objectives. Most quests have level requirements and some may be reserved for a certain class. Some other quests also have prerequisites that require the player to have completed another quest. Still others may require a player to have a certain amount of Fame. Once the quest objective(s) has been completed, the reward may be claimed (usually) by talking to the NPC that assigned the quest to you.

Jump Quests

These are quests that require the player to use their skill at maneuvering the game map to reach an objective. Jump quests are designed to be challenging, and the game developers wanted jump quests to be equally difficult for everyone. Therefore, any skills/equipment that gives the player the ability to move faster or jump higher are negated. This means that skills like Haste and Teleport do not work and items like Speed Pills and Icarus Cape (3) do not help. They do not have a time limit, but when a player enters the jump quest area, they must either complete it, or leave by talking to the NPC found at the bottom of the map. Some jump quests are repeatable.

Party Quests

These quests must be completed with a Party and have a time limit. The number of party members required depends on the party quest, and the party leader usually has a special role in helping the party to complete it. All party quests can only be attempted by one party at a time. Guild Quests are special party quests in which any party may participate, but in order to receive experience for completing it, all party members must be from the same guild. Thus far, the only guild quest in existence is the Sharenian Guild Quest. A full list of all party quests.

Scroll Quests

The whole list of Quests that the reward is any type of Scroll.