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An area that you get to, only if your at a cyber-cafe in real life. This area is only available in MapleSea, ThaiMS, and MapleGlobal, and supposedly gives more experience and mesos drops than normal areas. In order to enter this area, go to Kerning City and talk to Mong from the Kong. There are some pre-requisites in order to enter it. Please read below on how to enter Premium Road.

How to Get In Premium Roads

  • 1. You need to be on a cyber-cafe only PC.
  • 2. You need to be playing MapleSea, ThaiMS, or MapleGlobal. Note the above ones that carry it.
  • 3. Go to Kerning City and find Mong from the Kong. Talk to her to get inside the Cyber Cafe.
  • 4. Find the NPC Billy for 1st time and talk to him to get points.
  • 5. Use points on PC to access the Premium Road map you want to go to.
  • 6. Congratulations! You are in Premium Road!

Locations of Premium Roads

  • Note- You can only get to these through the PC. Also, due to the fact I don't play in a cyber-cafe, i cannot get these maps. If you have access to them, please place them on the pages below:

Exchange Quest

  • There is an actual exchange quest found in the Kerning City Internet Cafe.
  • Talk to the NPC Billy and you can exchange items found only in Premium Road with him.

  • The following list is a copy from HS as I don't play MapleSea, so I would have no clue about them:

  • A list of items that can be exchanged is as follows:
    • 10 random restorative items (exchange for 150 points) [Red Potion, Orange Potion, White Potion, Blue Potion]
    • 10 random food (exchange for 300 points)
    • 10 random power-ups (exchange for 500 points) [Drake's Blood, Drake's Meat, Fairy's Honey, Sap of Ancient Tree]
    • 10 random town scrolls (exchange for 500 points) [Return Scroll to Ellinia, Return Scroll to Henesys, Return Scroll to Kerning City, Return Scroll to Lith Harbor, Return Scroll to Perion, Return Scroll to Sleepywood]
    • 1 random mineral ore (exchange for 1500 points)
    • 1 random jewel ore (exchange for 2000 points)
    • 10 screws (exchange for 2500 points)
    • 1 random summer food (exchange for 2800 points)
    • There are also mouse(as in computer mouse) as only dropped in Premium Road. They give 10 points each.

  • The point system apparently let's you use the PC to teleport to different areas of the Premium Roads, and to exchange for items.

Vending Machine

  • There is a store also in the Cyber Cafe called Vending Machine. It sells some basic items.
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