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The Potential system was introduced to Korean Maplestory during the Spring of 2010.

In Global Maplestory in the summer of 2010, The Potential system was brought to the servers along with the Dual Blade Class.

The potential gives the user's items more power and attributes they could normally possible. Along with acquiring some extra stats, they are able to recieve extra skills and abilities that no scroll can give. (E.g. +30% Damage to Bosses)

Obtaining Potential

Potential can be acquired in two ways: Randomly or through a scroll. Drops from monster may have potential. For example, if you kill a Yeti and get a Shield, there's a chance it may have potential. You can tell from a potentialed item by the text below it, as well as a red outline around the stat window. To reveal its potential, you must use a Magnifying Glass, which is sold in most General Stores. Your equipment can have a max of 3 potential stats.

The second way of doing it is by using a Potential Scroll, which can be acquired through hunting. There are two types of these scrolls, the regular which has a 70% chance of success and the Advanced version, which has a 90% chance of success. The Advanced version is much rarer, found from monsters like Chaos Zakum. Potential scrolls do not consume slots like regular scrolls. Items that already have potential cannot be potential-ed again.

If the scroll fails, the item will be destroyed at a 100% rate.

Unfortunately, not all equipment be given potentials. If an equipment does not have any scrolling slots, it cannot be potential-ed. For example, a Mark of Naricain cannot receive potential.

Miracle Cubes

If you don't like your potential, you can always change it. Miracle Cubes are sold at the Cash Shop, which resets the potential of the item. Once the cube is used, your potential is reset and you have to use a Magnifying Glass to have your new potential. After the cube is used, you're left with a fragment of the cube, which can be traded for Potential Scrolls.

The Premium Miracle Cubes resets the item's potential, as well as having the chance of adding another line of potential stats.


The Potential system is the most debatable among the whole Maple community. While a good amount of players believe that the Potential can give poor and average funded players a good shot at high damage and to be on par with the funded, many players believe that the Potential system is actually doing more bad than good to the game itself. Opposers detest the Potential system for a variety of reasons. The first reason is that it "breaks the game" by giving players an unnecessary amount of power, claiming that lower level players may overpower high level players.

The second reason is that opposers believe that Potential is another money front and that it creates a bigger gap between the NX buyers and the non NX buyers, the sole purpose being that Miracle Cubes, which resets your potential to better or worse, are sold in the Cash Shop. It's also said to damage the economy even further, making funded equipment 4 times as expensive.

Another reason is that Potential had distorted and degraded the community even lower, as more people became more possessed with damage to the point where they will ridicule anyone with a lower potential or if the equipment does not have 3 lines.

In Korean Maplestory, it's another story. Miracle Cubes can actually be sold for mesos, due to having a trade ability for NX-mesos transactions.

Decent Skills

The rise of the Potential System also brought in a very special treat: Decent Skills. Decent skills are 4 skills from the Archer, Warrior, Thief and Magician classes. The skills consist of one of their 3rd or 4th job skills with an altered effect. They are the following.

Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Prerequisites
Hyper Body2.png Decent Hyper Body The Warrior or Spearman's skill to raise MaxHP and MaxMP. It can be acquired by level 70+ bottomwear. Active 1 -
Mystic Door.gif Decent Mystic Door The Magician or Priest's skill to summon a door to a nearest town, this time, only you can use it. It can be acquired by level 70+ helmets. Active 1 -
Sharp Eyes.gif Decent Sharp Eyes The Bowman's skill to increase Critical rate and Minimum Critical Damage. It can be acquired by level 120+ gloves. Active 1 -
Haste.gif Decent Haste The Thieve's skill to increase your speed and jump. It can by acquired by level 70+ shoes. Active 1 -

What can you get from Potential?

To know all the possible combinations, read the Total List of Potential.