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  • Makes you move faster horizontally
  • Good for those who do not want to waste time on travelling
    • An alternative is return scrolls
  • Speed does not increase your weapon speed.
  • Speed increases jump distance horizontally ONLY/
  • Cannot be increased through adding Ability Points


  • Speed is shown in your AP panel, when expanded.
  • By default it is 100%.
  • If your speed is increased by 1, then your speed will be 101%.
  • It is capped at 140% originally, but it is capped at 160% for most classes.
    • Jett is the only class so far that has a speed cap of 180%, which is faster than most mounts.

Ways to increase Speed

Scroll name 100% 60/70% 10/30%
Shoe Speed 1 2 3
Shoe Jump - - 1
Mount Name Reqired lvl for mount Increase in Speed Increase in Jump
Pig 70 150% 120%
Silver Boar(Silver Mane) 120 170% 120%
Red Draco 200 200% 120%
  • Mounts, as seen in this table, increase your speed by a large amount and break the 140% Speed cap.