Pink Bean (Boss)

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If you are referring to pet Pink Bean, click here.

Pink Bean (Boss)
Pink Bean.png
Species Unknown (boss)
Level 180
XP gained 62,900,000
HP 2,100,000,000
MP 50,000
Attack Stats
W. Attack
M. Attack
Defense Stats

W. Defense
M. Defense
Other stats
Knockback                999,999
Speed                -50
Jump                ?
Continent Temple of Time
Area Deep in the Temple


"A monster that has been summoned by a mysterious man named Kirston using the Mirror of the Goddess. It doesn't seem that Kirston intentionally summoned Pink Bean. Although Pink Bean is a cute little creature, its power is beyond imagination. It is a very dangerous monster and should be approached with caution. One of its amazing powers is that it can revive a dead god. It seems to be a monster from another world."

Pink Bean was, at the time of release, the most powerful boss in all of MapleStory (to be outdone by Dark Cygnus). The fight against Pink Bean is notorious for its extremely long questline requirement which includes killing 3,996 mobs ranging from level 140 to level 168 as well as a total of at least three mini-bosses. It is also known for its set of stages requiring the player to kill large statues multiple times before fighting Pink Bean himself. Pink Bean, in combination with the statues, has 9,350,000,000 HP. However, only Pink Bean himself drops anything of worth (although Ariel has a small chance to drop a limited set of items such as Cosmos Dust Solidifier).

The Pink Bean is described as a high-ranking member of the Black Mage's army.

The time limit to defeat Pink Bean is 30 minutes and begins immediately upon entering the boss map.

Similarly to Zakum and Horntail, Pink Bean allowed for expeditions containing multiple parties, increasing the maximum number of players fighting a single Pink Bean from 6 (one party) to 30 (5 parties). The expedition feature has been removed.

Elemental Weaknesses


  • Recovers HP 100,000 and MP 1,000 every 10 seconds.
  • Magic Attack up 60% (Extreme Attack for 5 secs).
  • Weapon Attack, Magic Attack Up 50%
  • Extreme Seduction for 5 secs.
  • Seal
  • Extreme HP/MP Attack (Turns players' HP and MP to 1).
  • Can summon Mini Beens.
  • Damage Reflection
  • Weapon Defense, Magic Defense completely advanced.
  • Forcible knock back (knocks players into corners even without attacking).
  • Full screen Genesis-like attack that stuns.
  • 70% chances of Forcible Deaths (Forces players' HP to 0 even without attacking).
  • When you defeat Pink Bean, you will gain 62,900,000 exp.
  • After Pink Bean is defeated, a message will be shown to the entire server in the chats of Europe Maplestory: "Expedition who defeated Pink Bean with invincible passion! You are the true timeless hero!"
    • In earlier versions of GMS, the message "Oh, the exploration team who has defeated Pink Bean with undying fervor! You are the true victors of time!" appeared in blue font in the message box.
    • Also, a buff will be given to all the PB killers. The buff grants 35 Weapon Attack, 45 Magic Attack, 300 Weapon Defense, and 500 Magic Defense for 1 hour.
  • If you die too many times while fighting Pink Bean, you won't go back to Three Doors; instead, you go to "Between Daylight and Daybreak".
    • The death limit has been increased from 1 death to 5 deaths.
  • Wiseman Solomon needs to be defeated 5 times, Wiseman Rex 4 times, Muinin 3 times, Huigin twice and Ariel once, making the overall total 9,350,000,000 HP. The table below provides more detailed information.
Name HP MP
Wiseman Solomon 300,000,000 50,000
Wiseman Rex 300,000,000 50,000
Huigin 450,000,000 50,000
Muinin 450,000,000 50,000
Ariel 600,000,000 50,000
Pink Bean 2,100,000,000 50,000
Total 4,200,000,000 300,000

Drop Table


Allicon.gif All Warrioricon.gif Warrior Bowmanicon.gif Bowman Mageicon.gif Magician Thieficon.gif Thief Pirateicon.gif Pirate
Timeless Taragon.png Reverse Taragon Timeless Evernew.png Reverse Evernew Timeless Myst Blue.png Reverse Myst Blue Timeless Prinsid.png Reverse Prinsid Timeless Burgunt.png Reverse Burgunt
Timeless Grabbe.png Reverse Grabbe Timeless Rapido.png Reverse Rapido Timeless Hermosa.png Reverse Hermosa Timeless Chive.png Reverse Chive Timeless Conrad Henkel.png Reverse Conrad Henkel
Timeless Bergamot.png Reverse Bergamot Timeless Presto.png Reverse Presto Timeless Cabatina.png Reverse Cabatina Reverse Lubav.png Reverse Lubav Timeless Charleston.png Reverse Charleston
Timeless Fennel.png Reverse Fennel Timeless Rontano.png Reverse Rontano Timeless Coral.png Reverse Coral Timeless Moonsteed.png Reverse Moonsteed Timeless Faraon.png Reverse Faraon
Timeless Executioners.png Reverse Executioners TimelessEngaw.gif Reverse Engaw Reverse Enreal Tear.png Reverse Enreal Tear Timeless Killic.png Reverse Killic Reverse Blindness.png Reverse Blindness
Timeless Nibleheim.png Reverse Nibleheim Timeless Black Beauty.png Reverse Black Beauty Reverse Aeas Hand.png Reverse Aeas Hand Reverse Lampion.png Reverse Lampion Timeless Equinox.png Reverse Equinox
Timeless Tabarzin.png Reverse Tabarzin Reverse Blooms.png Reverse Blooms Timeless Katara.png Reverse Katara Reverse Eradicator.png Reverse Eradicator
Timeless Alchupiz.png Reverse Alchupiz Timeless Persona.png Reverse Persona
Timeless Diesra.png Reverse Diesra
Reverse Bardiche.png Reverse Bardiche
Timeless Allargando.png Reverse Allargando
Timeless Bellocce.png Reverse Bellocce


Use.png Use ETC.png Etc Ores.png Ores Recipe1.gif Recipes Money.png Mesos
UP5.gif Mana Elixir Rock of Time.gif Rock of Time Recipe1.gif Advanced Health Pill Recipe 10000+ mesos
Power Elixir.gif Power Elixir Recipe1.gif Advanced Health Potion Recipe
Elixir.gif Elixir Recipe1.gif Advanced Mana Boost Potion Recipe
Sunset Dew.gif Sunset Dew Recipe1.gif Advanced Mana Pill Recipe
Reindeer Milk.gif Reindeer Milk Recipe1.gif Advanced Mana Potion Recipe
Secret Mastery Book.gif Mystery Mastery Book Recipe2.gif Timeless Aeas Hand Recipe
Gemstone Imp.png Gemstone Imp Recipe2.gif Timeless Alchupiz Recipe
Orange Imp.png Orange Imp Recipe2.gif Timeless Allargando Recipe
EE Scroll.gif Equip Enhancement Scroll Recipe2.gif Timeless Bardiche Recipe
EE Scroll.gif Advanced Equip Enhancement Scroll Recipe2.gif Timeless Bellocce Recipe
Potential Scroll.gif Potential Scroll Recipe2.gif Timeless Bergamot Recipe
Potential Scroll.gif Advanced Potential Scroll Recipe2.gif Timeless Black Beauty Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Blindness Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Burgunt Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Cabatina Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Charlston Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Chive Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Conrad Henkel Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Coral Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Diesra Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Earrings Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Engaw Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Enreal Tear Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Equinox Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Evernew Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Executioners Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Faraon Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Fennel Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Grabbe Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Hermosa Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Katara Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Killic Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Kite Shield Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Lampion Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless List Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Lubav Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Moonsteed Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Myst Blue Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Nibleheim Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Pescas Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Prelude Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Presto Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Prinsid Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Rapido Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Rontano Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Tabarzin Recipe
Recipe2.gif Timeless Taragon Recipe