Phantom (II)

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This is the second job skill list for the Phantom class. Throughout the experience, your critical rate makes a more distinct part of the Phantom class. You will have a card stack meter, capable of stacking up to 20 cards. You can get a card by making a critical hit, but at a chance. Along with this, Phantom is now able to steal 2nd job skills.

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(Hyper Skills)
Icon Skill Name Description Type Mastered Element Prerequisites
Call of Fate.png Calling Card Launches enchanted cards at enemies. Active 20 x -
Impeccable Memory II.png Impeccable Memory II Lets you use 2nd job skills stolen from Explorers. Passive effects from skills will not work. Equip stolen skills using Loadout.
TIP: To know what skills you can steal, go to this page.
Active 20 x -
Mille Cartes.png Mille Cartes Launches a torrent of cards that knocks back enemies. Active 15 x -
Carte Blanche.png Carte Blanche Each critical attack has a chance to produce a card that attacks nearby enemy automatically. This card is added to your deck. Passive 10 x -
Cane Mastery.png Cane Mastery Increases the weapon mastery and Accuracy of canes. Passive 10 x -
Cane Booster.png Cane Booster Uses MP to temporarily increase the attack speed of your canes by 2 levels. Supportive 10 x -
Luck Monopoly.png Devil's Luck Permanently increases LUK. Passive 5 x -