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Pets are traveling companions that, once equipped, will follow your character around. They can be purchased from the Cash Shop using NX Cash or Maple Points. The costs vary from pet to pet.

When commanded, these creatures will perform tricks for their masters. The more tricks performed, the higher their level of closeness becomes, which in turn leads to leveling up, eventually allowing them to learn new tricks.

Of course, as in real life, pets need to be fed. Food can be bought from Doofus of Henesys, or Patricia of Ludibrium. There are also special foods available in the Cash Shop, specific to each pet type, which will bring the level of closeness up. Just how often a pet needs to be fed depends on the type.

Types of Pets

There are many different kind of pets available, some of which include:

Pet Equipment

Pets can also be equipped with pet items which can help you in battle.

Items include:

  • Meso Magnet: Allows your pet to collect dropped mesos for you (only works with mesos dropped by a monster that you killed).
  • Item Pouch: Allows your pet to collect dropped items for you (only works with items dropped by a monster that you killed).
  • Item Ignore: Allows you to choose which items your pet should not collect.
  • Wing Boots: Enables your pet to move to mesos/items for collection.
  • Magic Scales: Allows your pet to pick up monster spoils from others, once they become available to you for pick-up.

Also, costumes and other accessories can be bought for your pet in the Cash Shop. These costumes can be scrolled to increase your speed or jump.

Expiry and revival

Just like other items in the Cash Shop, pets do "expire" or "die", meaning they turn back into the regular dolls they once were, but they can be "revived" with the Water of Life, which was used to give them life at first. Water of Life can be bought in the Cash Shop.

You can revive your pet either from Wisp at Eos Tower Entrance or Mar at Marr's Forest

You can name and train your pet. Dragons and Robos can do some different things from the rest of the pets: evolve. Your pet will look sad when its hunger reaches 50, so you'll know when you need to feed it.