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Managed by Harry.

Selling List

All items for sale are for Warriors only.

Image Name Cost
Bronze Koif.png Bronze Koif 2,400 mesos
Bronze Helmet.png Bronze Helmet 2,700 mesos
Bronze Full Helm.png Bronze Full Helm 3,500 mesos
Bronze Football Helmet.png Bronze Football Helmet 8,700 mesos
Bronze Viking Helm.png Bronze Viking Helm 8,500 mesos
Steel Sharp Helm.png Steel Sharp Helm 11,500 mesos
Iron Burgernet Helm.png Iron Burgernet Helm 19,000 mesos
Blue Lolico Armor M.png Blue Lolico Armor (M) 3,200 mesos
Brown Lolico Armor M.png Brown Lolico Armor (M) 3,200 mesos
Steel Corporal.png Steel Corporal (M) 5,500 mesos
Brown Corporal M.png Brown Corporal (M) 5,500 mesos
Blue Sergeant M.png Blue Sergeant (M) 9,000 mesos
Red Sergeant M.png Red Sergeant (M) 9,000 mesos
Silver Master Sergeant M.png Silver Master Sergeant (M) 16,000 mesos
Orihalcon Master Sergeant.png Orihalcon Master Sergeant (M) 16,000 mesos
Dark Master Sergeant M.png Dark Master Sergeant (M) 16,000 mesos
Red Hwarang Shirt M.png Red Hwarang Shirt (M) 40,000 mesos
Green Hwarang Shirt.png Green Hwarang Shirt (M) 40,000 mesos
Orange Lolica Armor F.png Orange Lolica Armor (F) 3,200 mesos
Blueberry Lolica Armor F.png Blueberry Lolica Armor (F) 3,200 mesos
Red Lamelle F.png Red Lamelle (F) 9,000 mesos
Green Lamelle F.png Green Lamelle (F) 9,000 mesos
Brown Lamelle F.png Brown Lamelle (F) 9,000 mesos
Blue Shark F.png Blue Shark (F) 16,000 mesos
Sky Shark F.png Sky Shark (F) 16,000 mesos
Red Shark F.png Red Shark (F) 16,000 mesos
Blue Kendo Robe M.png Blue Kendo Robe (M) 15,000 mesos
Red Kendo Robe M.png Red Kendo Robe (M) 15,000 mesos
White Kendo Robe M.png White Kendo Robe (M) 15,000 mesos
Black Dragon Robe M.png Black Dragon Robe (M) 70,000 mesos
Steel Fitted Mail F.png Steel Fitted Mail (F) 8,000 mesos
Dark Engrit F.png Dark Engrit (F) 60,000 mesos
Red Engrit F.png Red Engrit (F) 60,000 mesos
Blue Engrit F.png Blue Engrit (F) 60,000 mesos
Yellow Engrit F.png Yellow Engrit (F) 60,000 mesos
Brown Lolico Pants M.png Brown Lolico Pants (M) 3,000 mesos
Blue Lolico Pants M.png Blue Lolico Pants (M) 3,000 mesos
Steel Corporal Pants M.png Steel Corporal Pants (M) 5,000 mesos
Brown Corporal Pants M.png Brown Corporal Pants (M) 5,000 mesos
Steel Sergeant Kilt M.png Steel Sergeant Kilt (M) 9,000 mesos
Red Sergeant Kilt M.png Red Sergeant Kilt (M) 9,000 mesos
Dark Master Sergeant Kilt M.png Dark Master Sergeant Kilt (M) 14,000 mesos
Silver Master Sergeant Kilt M.png Silver Master Sergeant Kilt (M) 14,000 mesos
Orihalcon Master Sergeant Kilt M.png Orihalcon Master Sergeant Kilt (M) 14,000 mesos
Black Martial Arts Pants.png Black Martial Arts Pants (M) 38,000 mesos
White Martial Arts Pants M.png White Martial Arts Pants (M) 38,000 mesos
Red Martial Arts Pants M.png Red Martial Arts Pants (M) 38,000 mesos
Brown Martial Arts Pants M.png Brown Martial Arts Pants (M) 38,000 mesos
Rookie Pants (F).png Legend Pants (F) 3,000 mesos
Sophia Pants F.png Sophia Pants (F) 3,000 mesos
Red Ramel Skirt F.png Red Ramel Skirt (F) 9,000 mesos
Green Ramel Skirt F.png Green Ramel Skirt (F) 9,000 mesos
Brown Ramel Skirt F.png Brown Ramel Skirt (F) 9,000 mesos
Sky Shark Skirt F.png Sky Shark Skirt (F) 14,000 mesos
Red Shark Skirt F.png Red Shark Skirt (F) 14,000 mesos
Blue Shark Skirt F.png Blue Shark Skirt (F) 14,000 mesos
Steel Grieves.png Steel Grieves 5,000 mesos
Bronze Grieves.png Bronze Grieves 5,000 mesos
Brown High Boots.png Brown High Boots 10,000 mesos
Orange High Boots.png Orange High Boots 10,000 mesos
Blue High Boots.png Blue High Boots 10,000 mesos
Mithril War Boots.png Mithril War Boots 15,000 mesos
Wooden Buckler.png Wooden Buckler 4,000 mesos
Steel Shield.png Steel Shield 6,000 mesos