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Description and Map

Bluedot.gif - West Street Corner of Perion
Reddot.gif - Perion Street Corner
Yellowdot.gif - Warning Street: Deep Valley I

Perion is a Native American-themed town, with dry and bare land, and tents serving as stores.


It features:

Around Perion

Perion boasts a large group of Fire Boars on its dungeon route, ideal for ice/lightning wizards who have taken their second job advancement. The monsters that populate Perion are much stronger than the monsters surrounding Lith Harbor and Henesys, so lower level players should proceed to Perion with caution, especially when taking the route from Ellinia to Perion. The aforementioned route is so difficult for lower-leveled Maplers that many use Regular Cabs or return scrolls instead. Perion is notable for having all five kinds of stumps (Stump, Dark Stump, Axe Stump, Dark Axe Stump and Ghost Stump) in close proximity.

Perion's Location

Perion is the northernmost town of Victoria Island, northeast of Kerning City and northwest of Ellinia.

Bosses found in Region

One last thing

There is a myth about something called The White Lady that many people are curious about

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