Party Quest (Zakum)

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It is divided ito 3 parts

First part:Exploring the dead mine lv 1

Second part:Observe the Zakum Dungeon lv 2

Third part:Request For a Refinery lv 3

More infomation on zakum party quest

only doing these 3 quests can unlock zakum

if you want to view the full guide click here [[1]]

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Repeatable Quest

If anyone requires help to acquire zakum helmet, I can recommend people who can be fully trusted to enable you obtain the mighty zakum helmet with some money (maximum 3million for the offer). My two active characters are (Prowarrior96 lvl 71 dawn warrior) and (dawn4eternal lvl 29 dawn warrior) in Mardia. Don't miss out the golden opportunity as the recommended people can easily kill zakum. In an instance, you could be wearing a zakum helmet boasting in FM and other maplers will show reverence for you.