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The forbidden love between the 2 factions, the Zenumists and the Alcadnos, have these lovers in great danger. It is your job to be the itinerary and delivery boy between this star-crossed lovers and help them with their love.

This pq is split into 2 parts. Although the pq is supposedly the same for both, the rewards are not. One part is for Romeo, the other is for Juliet. The split makes the pq interesting, and some rewards require that you collect items in both pqs to combine for one great reward.


  • Available to all.
  • Level 71-85 range only.
  • Minimum of 4 people in a party required.
  • Apparently 4 people is also the maximum allowed in the pq.
  • Time Limit of Party Quest: 45 minutes total.

Some helpful requirement tips before starting

The following are some helpful suggestions that will help you complete the pq:

  1. Find a thief with max haste or a jump skill with 120%.
  2. A magician with max teleport may be prudent to find helpful also.
  3. Two spaces in your "ETC" inventory to start collecting marbles from both sides of the pq.

Due to the duality of this pq, it is a good idea to try and finish both sides alot for prize items. Also, the pq will show the dual sides below.

Stages: Romeo Side

Stage 1: The library of hidden books

In this stage, you are supposed to search for hidden books and crates that contain random prizes. You must basically be on top of the books in order to find them. The prizes are as follows:

  • No prizes
  • 500 experience
  • 500 mesos
  • Juliet's Letter to give to Romeo at 4th stage.
  • A switch that opens a portal to go to next area.

The main goal is to find the switch. Finding the letter is also good for additional experience though, so keep your eyes open for that. The letter is required to get the "Angry" version of the boss monster, similar to stealing the pirate captain's treasure in the herb town pq. Also, the spots where you search are the same each game, but the items found there change locations.

Stage 2: The unlit labs

These labs apparently have no lights turned on in it. The only light available is a small halo around your characters. Be aware that this lab is also full of monsters that need to be defeated. Defeat all the monsters and the portal should appear on the right side of the map.

Stage 3: Chemical Labs

In this lab, monsters drop suspicious liquid that needs to be used to fill up beaker bottles. These bottles unfortunately, are damaged and will leak, so make sure to try to fill them up fast. A good method is to drop all the suspicious liquid a monster finds near the beaker, until 7 or more are found, then start filling the beaker. This will need to be repeated 3 more times to fill the rest of them. Once they are full, the portal will appear on the right side of the map.

Stage 4: Special Access Labs

First thing to do here - if you have a letter, give it to the NPC on the middle platform. This initiates the "Angry" boss at the end of the pq, thus giving more experience points.

Have the members of your team fight the monsters that appear to find key cards required for the lab doors on this map.

This is where the above suggestions come into effect. Basically, there are 2 labs here that require key cards to open.

  • The left lab is specifically designed for thief class characters due to the fact it requires maxed haste Ability, 120% jump, or a skilled mage with maxed teleport and 108% jump.
  • The right lab requires teleportation skills from a mage. There are columns that the mage must teleport beyond to find boxes.

WARNING: It is advised to open the doors, another person do it on your team because the doors to the labs only open for about 5 seconds after the key cards are dropped in front of them.

Special Warning: The labs are apparently flooded with radiation, thus causing harm to your fellow players who go into them. In other words, they will be deducted 100 hp per 10 seconds. It is advised you have ample potions in order to heal yourself before entering these dangerous areas.

In the 2 labs, the players must find reports by breaking boxes. Other items are also found when breaking the boxes, but the lab reports are required to go to the next area. When you have finished, make sure to tell your other party members outside to unlock the doors. Remember, they only open each for 5 seconds. Make sure to run through it before it closes.

After both members who access these labs come out, give the lab reports to the NPC in the middle of the map. This will open the doorway to the next map. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING SECTION CAREFULLY IF YOU WANT ANGRY BOSS TO APPEAR.

Stage 5: Yulete's private office

Warning: It is advised to follow these instructions to the letter if you want the "ANGRY" boss to appear.

After the doorway in the previous area is opened, have only one member go through the door. Slowly walk to the right to have Yulete appear on the screen. When a part of Yulete appears, click on him. Choose the bottom of the two suggestions in order to access "ANGRY" boss. If you go past him or spawn the monsters, it will make the boss normal instead at the end. Be advised of this, or you will miss the chance to kill the "Angry" boss.

After you get this, tell your other members to come in. Several monsters will spawn and you must kill them to open the door to the next area.

  • Reward for killing all the monsters on this map: 20,000 experience.

Stage 6: Jumping Test Labs

After entering this lab, look for the 4 doors. Each door must be entered by a different team member. If the red light above the door is on, it means someone is already in that room.

As the name applies, the next stage involves jumping on platforms. There are 4 rooms with 10 platforms each. These platforms must be jumped on a specific order, but there is a trick to this puzzle. The trick is that whatever the answer to the puzzle is for the other 3 people on the team, it will help you with your puzzle. For example:

Team member A announced that his platform puzzle was #1, Team member B puzzle answer was #2, Team member C puzzle answer was #3.

This means that Team member "D"'s answer is #4

So the other team members must constantly spam what their answer was. I suggest getting a piece of paper and writing down their combination on it. It will make life a bit easier.

After correctly getting on all 10 levels, you will be in a room. Use the right door and proceed in the next room in the right door also. Be aware this is the last room of the pq.

Stage 7: Monster Lab

This lab has two missions your characters must do:

  1. Protect Juliet at all costs. If she dies, you reward will not be as good at the end.
  2. Kill Frankenstein boss in time before Juliet dies.

In order to protect Juliet, it is advised to use a mass mob attack, like arrow rain. A trick that can be done is once there hit, have the player who is doing the protecting go down and stay to the right of the platform. The monsters will try to follow the player that hit em.

While one player is assigned to protection, the others should be involved with the boss. Depending if it is angry or not, your job is to defeat it. It will summon other monsters, but ignore those for the most part, as this is a timed battle, in the sense your timed on how long Juliet can survive attacks. Make sure if you got a priest to heal constantly. Have your other members try to attack as fast as possible. A good team would be 2 sins attacking it. After it is defeated depends if Juliet is alive or dead. If she is alive, you are taken to another room where they give you a prize, which will be explained below. If not, you receive some experience, and go to a room where they appear to have died.

Also, depending if the boss is "ANGRY" or not will also change the rewards at the end of the pq, which will also be explained below.


Depending on what was done in the previous map, you get your reward here. The following are the rewards for the specific outcome of the boss battle:

  • If you saved Juliet in time, talk to the couple on the next map to receive a Zenumist Marble, and receieve a random amount of experience.
  • If Juliet died, you receive 90,000 experience only.
  • You can also receive items, but Juliet needs to be alive. The following items can be obtained:

The other prize depends on if you fought the "ANGRY" boss. This opens three new quests, all given by Yulete. It also opens his secret laboratory in Magatia in a sewer grate near the center of Magatia.

The Split Reward

Not only must you have the "angry" boss completed to get this reward. but you must also have completed all of Yulete's Request quests. This opens up the quest Yulete's Reward if you did all of Yulete's quests and collected 25 marbles from each side.


Thanks to player "SENTAR 7" for correcting the typos and giving the correct level range above, and other helpful suggestions he made.