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NOTE: The subject of this article has been removed from the game by the Big Bang.


The Ludibridum Maze Party Quest is a party quest that requires you to go through a maze, and collect at least 30 coupons on the way. You need at least 3 members; the maximum is 6.


The objective of the PQ is to collect as many coupons that the monsters inside drop in 15 minutes. (A fast pq will typically take 40-80 seconds to complete it)

When you go through a portal in one of the rooms, you may think it spawns you into a random room. It doesn't; check the bottom section for more info.

The Ludibridum Maze has 16 rooms, Room 16 being the exit. You are spawned inside a random room. You can be spawned into any random room except for Room 16. Rooms 6 and 7 are the key rooms, seeing as that one box in both rooms with spawn a mass of Fly-Eyes and Tauromacis, of which are the most interest of. Tauromacis can drop 50 coupons, but there is only a total of 6 of them, and only about 4 of them drop 50 coupons. Everything else, including boxes (except for the empty boxes in Rooms 6 and 7) drops 1 coupon.

If you are in a "regular" party, you should only try to get to Rooms 6 and 7 right away so you can rush back in later. Since you need only 30 coupons, your leader will usually tell you to go to Rooms 6 and 7, because of the Tauromacis that drop 50 coupons.

After you have gotten at least 30 tickets, get to Room 16 (explanation on how to get there will be below), and the leader should wait there for everyone to get there, and collect the coupons from everyone. Each coupon you collect gives you 50 experience: you will get anywhere from 1,500 EXP (30 coupons) to 15,000 EXP (300 coupons). Prizes are mostly potions, equips, and scrolls, usually DEF ones, but sometimes even other kinds. Doing this PQ 10 times can net you up to 1 million mesos if you're lucky and get good prizes.

A good way to sell your unwanted items fast is the Pet Food Merchant by the west half of Ludibridum.

How the rooms are connected

Now, you might think that you will be spawned in a random room when you go into a portal, but there is a very simple explanation. Each portal moves you foward or backward a few rooms.

The left portal moves you foward 4 rooms The middle portal moves you foward 7 rooms The right portal moves you back 3 rooms In order to be a good PQ'er, you must memorize this info!

Room 16, however, can only be accesed from Room 9's middle portal.

Room 16 does not count in moving between rooms: for example, if you moved from Room 15 into the left portal, you would end up in Room 3, not 2.

External Links

A YouTube video explaining the PQ


  • The PQ is no longer a Japanese MapleStory exclusive, it's available in MapleGlobal now.
  • Tauromacis is a reference to the Minotaur of Greek legend
  • Ludibrium Maze PQ Guide is an excellent guide with a map and directions
  • With the new family system, you can do LMPQ with a 2x drop, which will ensure a 15,000 exp a majority of the time. Make sure to use a mobber, Warrior, Brawler.