Party Quest (Ariant Coliseum)

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NOTE: The subject of this article has been removed from the game by the Big Bang.


  • 2-6 members from Level 20-30

Battle Arena Lobby

You should have arrived here if you came from 1 of the towns. Then walk to right side of the map and talk to Cezare. Select the battle arena you wish to enter and wait for someone to enter. There is a limit of 3 minutes where people can come into the waiting room. If you opened the room, you must talk to Cezare again when someone entered the room in order to proceed to the fighting stage of the Party Quest. There should not be any problem entering the party quest and there are not many people who wish to try the party quest.

Fighting Stage

Inside the stage, you will have to talk to Cezare again and obtain 50 Element Rocks from him. Make sure you have two open slots in your USE inventory. The task you need to do is to eliminate more than half of the HP of the Scorpion inside then double click the Element Rocks in your 'USE' Inventory next to the Scorpion in order to catch it. Once captured, you lose a elemtent rock, but in return you recieve a spirit jewel in your ETC. inventory (make sure to have an open slot also). Each jewel is worth one point, and you must have the jewels in order to get your EXP after the party quest. What would be a good idea is to set the stone onto a key in the KeyConfig so you can quickly push the key and capture the scorpion instead of having to have your inventory open and double click it. You will also recieve 5 bombs. These bombs can be used to stun opponents, also causing them to drop some jewels, which you can quickly pick up to steal points from them and get more points for you. The more points the person has, the more jewels they will drop. Be sure to quickly pick them up before someone else does. To use the bomb, don't drop the item, double click it. A bomb will appear, and within seconds, it will explode, so be sure to get away, because you can bomb yourself, and in which case people can take your jewels and you will lose points. Anyone near the bomb when it explodes will be stunned and drop jewels. You only recieve 5 bombs, so once you run out, a way to get more is to kill a scorpion, and it will drop either a bomb item, a skull, which, once you pick up, everyone except you will have their controls reversed (ex. left arrow makes you go right, right arrow makes you left, down is up, up is down, and to jump you have to hold up (actually down because it is reversed)and press your jump key) for a limited amount of time, a wing, which increases your speed and jumping ability for a limited amount of time, or a fist, which increases weapon attack for a certain amount of time. If you ever run out of element rocks to capture scorpions with, talk to Cezare and he can give you 50 more. Keep going until time runs out. The opponent with the most jewels at the end of the match wins.

Ending Stage

When the time is up, you will be brought to the King's Room. Inside there you will see Areda and Abdula 8th. Talk to Areda in order to get the battle points and some EXP. You must have gotten at least 5 jewels to get any battle points or EXP. The more people that were in the match and the better you did, the more points and exp. you will get.

Exp distributed appears to be based on how many total jewels are collected, and then by rank:

1v1 10-15 16-25 26+
1st 1755xp (1bp) 3510xp (1bp) 5850xp (3bp)
2nd 585xp (1bp) 1170xp (1bp) 1950xp (1bp)
Tie 1170xp (??bp) ?? ??

Helpful Tips

If one sets a bomb, be someone else or yourself, you can avoid losing stones, if you have a bubble shield, but you still get blown away. But there is something more helpful, if you are standing on a scorpion, and constantly taking damage, you can avoid being hit at all, thus making it easier to loot the jewels dropped by others. Another tip, if you are weak, say you hit low damage like 100-, you should try to kill a few scorpions, to get some bonuses, like the fist which helps with your weapon attack only!