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Ossyria is a much larger continent near Victoria Island. It features more difficult enemies and bosses than the ones found in Victoria Island. To get to Ossyria, one must take the ship from Six Path Crossway and arrive in Orbis.


El Nath Mts.

El Nath Mts.png

El Nath Mts. includes Orbis, El Nath, and the Dead Mine. The Orbis Tower also provides a method of reaching Aqua Road from the El Nath Mountains here.

Dead Mine

Deep Mine.png

The Dead Mine is a sub-region in the El Nath Mts. where the infamous Zakum resides.

Ludus Lake

Ludus Lake.png

Ludus Lake includes Ludibrium, Omega Sector, and Korean Folk Town.

To get to Ludibrium, a player can take the ship from Orbis to Ludibrium. Alternatively, there is a more lengthy route. It is possible to travel from Aquaroad to Korean Folk Town, then arriving at Ludibrium.

To get to Omega Sector, go to the bottom of Eos Tower or warp from the Navigation Room of the Nautilus. To get to Korean Folk Town, go to the bottom of Helios Tower, or travel through Aqua Road.

Clock Tower Lower Floor


The Clock Tower Lower Floor is a sub-region in Ludibrium where the high leveled bosses Papulatus Clock and Papulatus are found.

Aqua Road

Aqua Road.png

Aqua Road connects the El Nath region with Korean Folk Town. Aqua Road is not accessible by ship.

Minar Forest

Minar Forest.png

Minar Forest includes Leafre. To get to Leafre, one can take a ship from Orbis to Leafre, or buy the Magic Seed that can easily transport a player from Ellinia to Leafre.

Sub-Area Maps

Mu Lung Garden

Mu Lung Garden.png

Mu Lung Garden includes Mu Lung and Herb Town. In addition to the ship in Orbis, the Dolphin Taxi in Aqua Road provides an additional method of reaching Herb Town.

Nihal Desert

Nihal Desert.png

Nihal Desert consists of two major towns: Ariant, which is desert-themed, and Magatia, which is a ghost town that centers around alchemy. Nihal Desert is accessible by the Ship Station in Orbis, where the player will arrive in Ariant.

Temple of Time

Temple of Time.png

The Temple of Time is the most difficult of all of the regions in Maple World, and is home to the strongest monsters and bosses in the game.